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Support the most versatile position in League of legends?

Many people among the league of legends community know the value of the support position and how boosting your adc can be a large help in winning any game of league of legends. Personally I have noticed that the position has many champions that are a huge help to the team if played properly.

The tank support:

Personally my favorite type of champion that I like to play with or play as is the tank support. The most common types of this are Braum, Leona, Nautilus, Blitzcrank, and Thresh. Another common theme among these supports is that there is a hook for three of them. Tanks are able to get up close and personal with devastating abilities that break your opponents shields while dealing a good amount of burst damage. I believe that this is the best form of support that you can use as well since it is the most common type of picks that are used in professional play.

The healing and poking type of champion:

I personally enjoy playing with some of the champions on this list except there is a certain skill gap to play them effectively that many low elo players do not understand. For example Yummi and Soraka are very popular picks in the meta currently and if you do not understand the timing of abilities or when to use an ultimate it can be pretty useless to a team in fighting situations. So please tread lightly with these picks and make sure that the synergy of the pick works well with the adc you are playing with. Xiaha and Yummi is probably the worst compination that I have seen due to Xiaha is a super defensive champion and Yummi is the same and there is little engage unless there is double ultimates being used.

The stunning supports:

This is one of the most popular types of support as well and can be the best to have on your team depending on if people understand the kit as well as know what to do when playing the champion. Senna is considered the best support champion in the meta currently and with no surprise the stun Senna has first gets onto a champion then has an AOE stun on top of it which proves to be annoying to deal with. Senna also gains power from not farming which is why she has swapped away from an ADC pick. To go with Senna there is Morgana another very deadly champion who has a hook and a burn attack. The least powerful champion in this category is Lux who I must bring up because she is super popular and I do not understand why. She has a good kit for midlane but when used as a support she does not have the power like many other supports.

Currently the tier list has Senna, Blitzcrank, Leona, Morgana, and Nautilus as the top 5 supports and it is no shock due to the fact if you can use their kits the correct way an average player can do significant damage to the enemy team.

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