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Rainbow Six Siege: Reinforced Wall Modifications

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As everyone should know, reinforcing a wall if the best thing that can be done to prevent an attacking operator from busting into the objective room without any opposition. What a lot of players do while on defense is go for kills instead of playing the objective. Don’t get me wrong, it is always great when you have someone that can wipe out the other team by themselves, but what happens if they get killed early? You are left to defend the objective that may not be a secure as you would think. There are a few different ways that you can make those reinforced walls even more protected. One way that can help, is by using either Bandit or Kaid to electrify the wall. When you electrify the wall, it cannot be breached, even by a hard breacher. If an attacker was to attempt to breach the wall, the device would be destroyed instantly by the electric wall. There is one move in the game called “Bandit Tricking” which is a way to bait the attacking team into destroying their own breaching charges. What you do is to wait for a Thermite or Hibana to try and breach a wall. Then you place your device on the wall just before it detonates. This will destroy the device of the breacher and then you would pick your device back up in case they want to try again on a different wall. Eventually, the attackers will run out of breaching devices and that will force them to come in through doorways and windows.

The same concept can be used with Mute. His signal jammers will prevent the breaching charge from going off, but it will not destroy it. It is not as effective as Bandit Tricking, but it does get the job done. By doing this trick method, it defeats Thatcher as well. If you do not have your electric devices placed on the ground, Thatcher cannot destroy them with his EMP grenades. If it gets to the point where the hard breachers have wasted all of their breaching rounds, it does not matter if Thatcher destroys your devices because they have no way breaking that wall anymore. If this happens, you need to make sure that you have teammates ready at all of the entry spots in order to catch them before they can make it inside. The one other way you can modify a reinforced wall is by using Mira. She puts those one-way glass windows on the wall so your team can see through it. While the attacking team cannot see inside, they can still breach through the wall if they have a hard breacher. In this situation, someone can be looking through the Mira wall and let bandit know when to place his device down in order to Bandit trick to the full extent. If you want to be a truly annoying defending team you will have a Mira, Bandit, Mute, Kaid, and Kapkan. These are the four operators that can annoy players with reinforced walls plus Kapkan who can booby trap normal entry ways that the attackers will have to come through after they find out that breaching is not an option. Also, all of those operators have C4, so they can just chuck explosives at you until they get you.

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