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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 Defender Guides

Operator: Oryx (Year 5, Season 1 Void Edge)

Oryx is an operator that is designed to flank you. He can be used in a few different ways, one of those being a roamer. His ability gives him an advantage in order to get in front of or around the attacking operators. There is no other operator in the game to this point that can even come close to how his ability works. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. He has 2’s across the board and his ability makes those look like rookie numbers. His ability is called the “Remah Dash”. This is the ability to sprint directly through any soft wall and make a hole big enough for anyone to walk through it. He can make a rotate hole for his team without having to waste either a nitro cell, impact grenade, or shooting it with a shotgun. This dash will make the hole, but it will also take 10 health off of Oryx every time he does it. His ability recharges over time so he cannot just run through every wall that he sees. He can also use this dash to stun an attacking operator, the dash will knock down the opposing operator like they hit a Nomad device. This allows Oryx or anyone around to shoot and eliminate that operator before they can recover, it leaves them pretty defenseless. The other use of Oryx is to really take advantage of hatches. He can jump up through hatches, so he can go from downstairs to upstairs without having to use the stairs. This is one way he can flank someone without them seeing him coming. He can also hang on the hatches and peek into the room above. This is good for looking around without presenting yourself as a target from upstairs, you are vulnerable if someone comes below you and sees you hanging there, so be mindful about where the opposing team is. For weapons, Oryx has two choices for a primary weapon. His first option is the MP5 submachine gun. This is a solid submachine gun that a decent rate of fire and does not have too much recoil. It holds a 30-round mag, so this is reliable gun for a firefight. His other option is the Spas-12, this is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun that should only be used at close range. Just like any option, only use this shotgun if you are intending to be playing the short-range game. For a secondary, he also has 2 choices. First, he has the Bailiff 410 shotgun revolver. This can also create holes in soft walls that can be turned into rotate holes. This can be used as a real weapon, but it only holds 5 shots, so make sure you are going to hit your target with each shot. His other option is the USP40 semi-automatic pistol. It deals 48 damage, so this pistol actually packs a punch, it can be a great secondary if you are in a pinch. For equipment, Oryx can either have some barbed wire or a bulletproof camera. The choice is yours; I usually use barbed wire when I can.

Operator: Melusi ( Year 5, Season 2)

Melusi is the other operator this will be coming in during the upcoming season that will be released sometime in early June. She will be a defender that annoys a lot of attackers because of her ability. Of course, I have not been able to play with her in the game yet, but I can already tell that she will be someone that you do not want to see on the other team. So far, her ratings are a 1 armor, and a 3 speed. She will no doubt be a roaming operator based on her speed, and then her ability will just make a lot of players use Thatcher. Her ability is called the “Banshee Sonic Device”. This is a security device that is placed on a wall, it has a effective radius that will automatically detect if anyone gets close to it. If you get close to it, it will start screaming with a banshee style scream and will slow you down. This will then notify the defenders that you are near one of the devices. No matter how sneaky you think you are, there is no way to sneak up on this device. To destroy it, you will either have to run through the banshee scream and melee it or throw a Thatcher device at it in order to destroy it before it has a chance to go off. From what I can see, you would place these devices in hallways or near doorways that you know the attacking team will have to come by if they want to secure the objective. For weapons, Melusi has two options for a primary weapon. First being the T-5 SMG. This is same primary as Lesion, which is my personal favorite primary weapon in the entire game. It is a fast firing SMG that does not have much recoil and can be effective at any range. Her other option is the Super 90 12-gauge shotgun. This a pump action 12-gague shotgun that should only be used at close-range. Like all other shotguns, make sure to only pick this if you intend on only fighting at close range or being on a small map. She only gets one choice for a secondary, and that is the RG15 pistol. Just like other pistols, they can save your life, but only use them when you have to. For equipment, Melusi can have either 2 impact grenades, or a deployable shield. I would recommend the impact grenades but the choice is ultimately yours.

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