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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 Operator Guides

Operator: Iana (Year 5, Season 1 Void Edge)

Iana is one of those operators that has an ability that is like no other and can be used to scout ahead and alert your team of potential dangers. She is very useful for gathering information about the opposing team but can also be easily hunted down if you are not using her ability correctly. Her ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. She is a balanced operator for her ratings and her ability is far more beneficial than many perceive it to be. Her ability is called the “Gemini Replicator”. Iana can use a remote-controlled hologram copy of herself to run ahead and see how the defenders have set up and where they may be located. This hologram looks exactly like her and there is not way to tell the difference except for shooting it. It only takes one bullet to destroy the Gemini and it has a cooldown before it can be used again. By using it, she can see what angles the defenders are looking at, scout out what traps they have placed, and be a scout to find a safe way into the objective. When using the Gemini, Iana is defenseless, she can be found and killed without any opposition if she is till using the Gemini. If a defender shoots her Gemini, it disappears, but it also lets Iana know that you are in that position and you would be smart to move to new angle before she comes and gets you. While in the Gemini, Iana does not trigger any traps, nor does she get marked on cameras by the defenders. They can see her hologram on the cameras but are not able to mark her position. Iana has two options for a primary weapon, first being the ARX200 assault rifle. This is a heavy hitting .308 caliber weapon that deals high damage and has a 20-round mag. Her other option is the G36C assault rifle. This does not deal as much damage, but it has a higher rate of fire and can hold a 30-round mag. The choice is yours because both the weapons are great choices, all that matter is which one feels better for you. She only has one choice for a secondary and that is the MK1 9mm pistol. Another standard pistol that can be effective but should only be used in situations where your assault rifle is not an option aka having to reload it but not having the time. For equipment, Iana can either have 2 frag grenades or 2 smoke grenades. When using her Gemini, make sure that you are in complete cover and that you will not get rushed while using it.

Operator: Ace (Year 5, Season 2 Nighthaven) (Not released yet)

Ace is an operator that joins the small crew of Thermite, Hibana, and Maverick. Siege has finally introduced a new hard breacher; it has been so long since there has been an operator that can destroy a reinforced wall without risking their life to do so. He has an interesting take on how to breach a wall. His ratings are a 2 armor and a 2 speed. There has not been a difficulty released yet by Siege. His ability is called the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher. This is a device that he throws at a reinforced wall that will stick to it and drop 3 charges that will blow and rectangle in the wall big enough to walk or jump through, depending on the height of the throw. Many Siege players are excited to have another hard breacher in the game that will be released once the new season comes out in early June. Of course, I cannot say how this operator feels because I have not had the opportunity to use him. From what I can see, you would use him in the same way you would use Thermite or Hibana. His device also works on soft walls but will only use one charge instead of 3. There is no doubt that Ace will be used a good amount upon his release and will be nerfed after a brief time in the game. Ace will have two options for a primary weapon, first being the AK-12 assault rifle. This is a medium range assault rifle that has a 30-round mag and it deals a decent amount of damage per shot (45). His other option is the M1014 12-gauge shotgun. This is semi-automatic shotgun that is lethal from close range but struggles at medium to long-range. For a secondary, he will have P9 9mm semi-automatic pistol. This is like many other pistols, standard and can be handy in a tough situation. For equipment, Ace can have either 3 breaching charges, or some smoke grenades. Another hard breacher will enter the fray, so be ready to face this guy a lot in the upcoming weeks.

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