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What is the 'Burg?

The ‘Burg is the college radio station for Central Washington University based out of Ellensburg, Washington. The station is operated by 4 full time CWU staff, 18-20 students staff and 60+ Student volunteers.The history of The ‘Burg starts back in 1958 when small broadcast facility, KCAT, started broadcasting on 880 AM. The ‘Burg, now KCWU, has flourished into a state-of-the-art broadcast facility.


Where is the 'Burg located?

Ellensburg, Washington. The ‘Burg, or KCWU-FM, is an officially recognized department at Central Washington University. We are about 2 hours east of Seattle, almost in the dead center of Washington.


What type of music does the 'Burg play?

The ‘Burg plays the freshest in new music today. We feature multiple genres and specialty shows, with student produced News and Sports!


What are the 'Burg's call letters?

KCWU. The call letters for The ‘Burg used to be KCAT. Then in May of 1998, KCAT was switched to KCWU because “KCAT” already existed in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


What frequency does the 'Burg play on?

88.1 FM in the Ellensburg area. Before the days of The ‘Burg, KCAT transmitted over 880 AM, and later on FM cable at 91.5 FM. Then on March 3rd, 1998, KCAT obtained a construction permit to build a 500-Watt, non-commercial educational FM broadcast station at 88.1 MHz. Shortly thereafter KCAT changed its call letters to KCWU.


How can I request a song?

You can request a song by calling or texting (509) 963-2311.


Is Burgfoot real?


What is the privacy policy on our app?

KCWU does not store or track any of your private data.

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