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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 4 Defender Guides

Operator: Mozzie (Year 4, Season 1 Burn Horizon)

Mozzie is the best recon operator since Valkyrie, he does her job but in an even more discreet way. Year 4, Season 1 has brought us this new Australian operator that can make your team the most prepared to face the enemy. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. His stats do not say much about how he can perform, but he has an ability that is second to none when it comes to recon. His ability is called the “Pest Launcher”. If you hate spiders, this operator is not the one for you. These pests are little spider like drones that can be shot and attached to any surface. They then have a radius of where they are effective, if an attacker’s drone drives through that radius, then the spider pest will hop on the drone and take it over. This allows Mozzie to take over their drone and use it for the defenders. He can drive it around just like an attacker would and he can spot the attackers with the drone as they do to defenders. He can shoot 3 of these pests out to take over drones, then he can drive those drones to hallways and places where the attacking team will be. This gives the defenders more cameras to look at in order to see where the attackers are coming from. These drones look the same as they would if they were an attacker’s drone, so it might deter the attacking team from shooting it if they think it is one of their drones. Mozzie has the ability to hide them in plain sight. Mozzie is vulnerable when on his drones just like anyone else, so you will have to make a decision on how to use his drones strategically. Just like any other electric device, these pests can be shot, twitch droned, and Thatchered. If he places these pests in strategic locations around the objective, he can prevent or deter enemy drones from spotting the objective and keeping their operator identities hidden. Mozzie has two choices for a primary weapon, first is the Commando 9 assault rifle. This is one of the most overpowered guns in the game and is my highest recommendation for using this operator. It has a high rate of fire and not much recoil, it is a dream gun for accuracy. His other option is the P10 RONI submachine gun. This is just a machine pistol fitted with carbine stock and foregrip. It is a good weapon but not as good when compared to the Commando. He only gets one option for a secondary weapon which is the SDP 9mm pistol, standard as usual. For equipment, Mozzie has the choice of either some barbed wire or a nitro cell (C4). Make sure to use his pests to your advantage because you already have the upper hand in a firefight.

Operator: Warden (Year 4, Season 2 Phantom Sight)

Warden is one of those operators where players pick him for his weapons and not his ability, for the most part. His ability can be put to some good, but it is not an ability that will overpower the opposing team. The main way he can be used is to be a counter to Ying and Blitz. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. On paper he is a decent operator given his stats, but you will need to rely on your shooting if you wish to get the job done. His ability is called the “Glance Smart Glasses”. These are glasses that he can activate in order to be less effected by flash grenades and to have better sight through a smoke grenade. His ability is all about his vision, it does not affect how he shoots or how he protects himself, minus the ability to see a little better. One way Warden is useful is if the other team has a Ying, her ability is the use of Candela flash grenades that blind the defending team. If Ying believes that the defenders are blind, she might push into the room expecting an easy firefight but if Warden uses his ability, he can be there to meet her when she least expects it. Warden can also be useful against smoke grenade users; majority of the time players use smoke grenades to cover their teammate who is planting the defuser. If Warden can see through the smoke, he can kill the player planting the defuser and tilt the tide back in the defenders’ favor. If there are no flash or smoke grenades used, then Warden is just another operator with a gun and a classic firefight will commence. One other note is that Warden can only see better through a smoke grenade when he is standing still, he cannot be moving when trying to see through smoke. He can be moving for a flash grenade, but he has to be a stationary target when smoke grenades are used. Warden has two options for a primary weapon, first being the M590A1 pump action 12-gauge shotgun. This is a close-range weapon that is not good for bigger maps and will force you to wait for the attackers to come to you, which can be a costly decision of you lose. He other choice, my recommendation, is the MPX submachine gun. This gun has a high rate of fire and is the better choice for longer engagements. He then has two options for a secondary, first of which is the P-10C 9mm pistol with a fixed red dot sight. A reliable pistol but nothing special. His other option is the SMG-12 machine pistol, this is a fast firing close range machine pistol, but would be my choice if I was facing an opposing operator that has a machine gun. For equipment, Warden can either have a deployable shield or a nitro cell (C4).

Operator: Goyo (Year 4, Season 3 Ember Rise)

Goyo is an operator that not many players use because his ability is easily defeated and destroyed. He is one of the few operators that I consider having not much of a use, especially after Siege nerfed him (made him less effective). His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. He is a balanced operator when it comes to ratings, but he does not have much of an ability to offer. If used correctly, it can have a good effect for your team, but that is a big if. His ability is called a “Volcan Shield”. This is a deployable shield that has an incendiary bomb attached to the back of it. Goyo used to get 3 of these shields, but after an update to the game, he now only has 2 of them. The shields are used to block doorways that lead into the objective. The way these shields are used is by waiting for an attacker to be in front of the shield or jumping over it, then you would shoot the red square on the back of the shield that causes it to explode in a ball of fire. These shields are not durable, they can be exploded by a grenade or shot be the attackers that are coming from another direction. Attackers can shoot them and cause the defenders to be caught in the fire if they are close to it. So, these shields are a 50/50 gamble on whether your team or the other team will be the one caught on fire. There is not much else to say when it comes to Goyo’s ability, just make sure you are not standing next to one of these shields when the bullets start firing. Goyo has two choices for a primary weapon, the first is the Vector .45 ACP. This is a submachine gun that has a moderate amount of recoil that can be controlled with practice and is the weapon of choice for me if I use Goyo. His other option is the TCSG12 semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. This has a 10-round mag and is mainly used in close quarters firefights. If you use this gun, I already am annoyed, this is a tryhard gun that plenty of people use to get cheap kills. He only has one option for a secondary and that is the P229 pistol that is standard and just like the majority of other handguns in this game. It does slightly more damage than some other pistols but is still just a secondary that only be used when needed. For equipment, Goyo can either have 2 impact grenades or a nitro cell (C4).

Operator: Wamai (Year 4, Season 4 Shifting Tides)

Wamai is an operator that is all about denying the attacking team of throwing grenades and devices into the objective sight. He is comparable to Jager with a slight twist. It can save your life but can also backfire on you if you are not paying attention. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Another balanced operator when it comes to ratings, and his ability is what sets him apart from the rest. His ability is called the “Mag-Net System”. Wamai can throw these frisbee like discs an attach them to any surface. They work similar to how Jager’s ADS System works, they destroy throwables. Unlike Jager’s devices, Wamai’s device does not shoot the device out of the air, rather it sucks it in like a magnet and then self-destructs itself to detonate the device away from the intended target. The only problem with that is that the device still goes off. You could be standing next to a Wamai disc and not see an attacker throw something into the room. If you are standing next to the device, you will still be hit by the effects of it. I have seen someone on the defending team get killed from a grenade thrown that was not going to hit him, but the Wamai disc sucked it towards his direction and detonated right above him, killing him. You will need to be vigilant on where Wamai has placed these discs so that you are not going to be killed by your own teammate’s device. Usually, these devices are placed just above doorways into the objective, the usual place where most flash grenades and other throwables are thrown. Wamai has two choices when it comes to his primary weapon, the first being the AUG A2. This is an assault rifle that has a 30-round capacity and has a high rate of fire. This is the weapon that most players use but his other option is still a good backup. That is the MP5K submachine gun. A 9mm submachine gun that both Doc and Rook have access to and has a high rate of fire. I do not have a recommendation for which one is better because they are both solid choices and it all comes down to which one you like better. For his secondary, he has the choice between two completely different pistols. First, he has the Keratos .357 high damage revolver that has les recoil than you would think. His other option is the standard P12 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol that of course deals less damage than the revolver but has a larger mag capacity. For equipment, Wamai has the choice between either a deployable shield or some barbed wire. Make sure to watch out for where Wamai throws his Mag-Nets so you know where not to stand.

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