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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 4 Attacker Guides

Operator: Gridlock (Year 4, Season 1 Burnt Horizon)

Gridlock is unlike the majority of attacking operators. She is the first operator that can set something down that does damage to a defending operator. It may look like a harmless ability but if used correctly, it can be the one thing to secure your flank or expose the defenders’ position. Her ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. Not the most mobile operator but she is tough. Her ability is called the “Trax Stingers”. This is a ball like throwable that disperses into many small barbed wire mats that cover a pretty large area. When thrown, it will land and deploy a trax, then that trax will deploy another one until the entire area is full of traps. If a defender steps on this, it will hurt them until they step off of it. The trick is to bait them into an area where you have covered the ground in these trax devices, so they have nowhere to run. The best use for this device is to use it when playing bomb. If you have planted the defuser and you know what doorway the defenders will come through, throw a trax device in that doorway so it is blocked by barbed mats. Defenders can shoot these mats and destroy them, but that would give away their position and delay them from getting to the defuser. If you end up using these too early in the round, the defenders can shoot them before you have put them in a pressured situation. As for weapons, Gridlock has two options for a primary weapon, first she has the F90 assault rifle. This is a fast firing assault rifle that is great for quick engagements and has slightly less recoil than some assault rifles in Siege. Her other option is the M249 SAW light machine gun. This has a 60-round clip and is the perfect weapon for suppressing fire. If you need to distract someone or keep them occupied, this is the gun to use. For her secondary, she also has two options. First, she has the Super Shorty, this is a compact shotgun that is very mobile, but only has 3 rounds in the clip. Her other option is the SDP 9mm semi-automatic pistol that is comparable to the majority of pistols in Siege. For equipment, Gridlock has the choice between either smoke grenades or breaching charges. Depending on your play style, this choice is all up to you.

Operator: Nokk (Year 4, Season 2 Phantom Sight)

Nokk is a unique operator that is a counterintelligence style operator. She is an off the radar operator that uses stealth in order to eliminate the defending team. This kind of operator takes a veteran player to use to its full potential. She is a popular choice among many regular Siege players. Her ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. She is easily an above average rated operator, but those ratings are only true if you know how to use Nokk. Her ability is called the “Hel Presence Reduction”. This is the ability to be invisible to cameras, heartbeat sensors, and any other observation tools. If you do not want to be detected by the cameras of the defenders, then Nokk is the operator for you. She is the only attacking operator that can go invisible to cameras. This is like any other ability; you can use it for a period of time and then it has to recharge before you can use it again. It also reduces the sound she makes when she moves, but it does not make her silent. The best use for her ability is to use it when you know you are going into an area where there are cameras that the defenders could be using. While invisible to the cameras, it is in your best interest to shoot and destroy those cameras so that when you become visible again, they cannot see you because you took away their only way to detect you. This not only helps you, but it helps your teammates move in behind you after you destroy the cameras. Her ability can be used for more than her own personal gain. She is a stealth operator by design, make sure you use that to your advantage or else why are you using her? Just like the majority of operators, Nokk has 2 options for a primary weapon. First, she has the FMG-9, this is a fast firing submachine gun that has a decent amount of recoil but can be lethal from short to mid-range. I would not recommend using this weapon in a long-range firefight, you will most likely lose. Her other option is the Six12 SD compact 12-gauge shotgun. This is a semi-automatic shotgun with a 6-round drum mag. This is not the best choice if you want to be effective in a firefight. For her secondary, she has the 5.7 USG semi-automatic pistol that is s standard pistol in Siege. Her other option is the D-50 aka the Desert Eagle. This is a high recoil but high damage pistol that packs a punch if you land a shot. This is what I would recommend for Nokk’s secondary. For equipment, she has the option between either 2 frag grenades or 3 breaching charges. Above all else, make sure you use Nokk as a stealth operator, she is not meant for tough rushing tactics.

Operator: Amaru (Year 4, Season 3 Ember Rise)

Amaru is one of those operators where I do not see the point to her. She has a unique ability, but it does not serve much of a purpose. I do not doubt that there are players out there that love to use her and know how to, but to me, she is a waste of a pick. When it comes to operators that have an ability that helps the team win, Amaru does not fit that mold, she is more of a one woman show when it comes to abilities. Her ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Her ratings are decent, but ratings are just an idea of the operator’s potential, it is up to the player to make true on those ratings. Her ability is called the “Garra Hook”. This is a grappling hook that she shoots out of a launcher, this allows her to immediately breach through a window or door on the upper floors from ground level. That’s it, that is all she can do. There is no tactical upside to this ability for the most part. Yes, she can access the upstairs from ground level, but you have to be sure that area is clear. You do not know how many times I have been in a room and seen Amaru come busting through a window and immediately shot her. If anything, defenders want you to jump through those windows, it is an easy kill for them. Defenders can also hear her shoot this device and zipline up to the window. I never like to call an operator pointless, but she is one the operators in the game that does not do much to help her team. When you see her go into a window, she is on her own and will most likely be killed within the first 5 seconds of her breach into the room. She has 2 options for a primary weapon, first being the G8A1 light machine gun, this would be my recommendation if you are to use her. It has a 50-round mag and can cover all different ranges of firefights. Her other option is the SuperNova pump action 12-gauge shotgun. This is like other shotguns, just with a slightly better control of the recoil. For her secondary, another set of two options. First being the ITA12S compact [ump action 12-gauge shotgun, not the best for her backup but can pack a punch from short range. Her other option is the SMG-11, this is a small submachine gun with a high rate of fire. This is what I would use if I ever played as Amaru. For equipment, she has the choice of either a claymore or 3 stun grenades.

Operator: Kali (Year 4, Season 4 Shifting Tides)

Kali is the first true sniping operator since Glaz. She is a long-range operator that is great for overwatch and watching long hallways. Not only is she first sniping operator in a while, she also has an ability that can do what Thatcher does, but even more. Make sure you are a good shot if you wish to pick Kali as your operator. Her ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Her ability is called the “LV Explosive Lance”. This is an under-barrel attachment that destroys defender gadgets on of a wall, reinforced or not. This can destroy Bandit devices or Kaid electroclaws. This can also destroy soft walls and Castle walls. Kali is great for eliminating simple slowdowns like soft walls, then she can make an electrified wall go away, this would then allow either a Thermite or Hibana to breach through the reinforcement. Since she is using this with a sniper rifle, she can fire these devices from anywhere on the map with precision accuracy. The best map for Kali is Favela, which is not currently in rotation for online gameplay, but when it was, Kali was a cheat code. This is because Favela is a map that is all wood walls and all walls are exterior walls. The other map this is in play right now is Bank, there are a couple of vantage points she can get to set up a sniper position. She only has one choice for a primary weapon and that is the CSRX 300, this is .300 caliber rifle that has a variable zoom from 6x to 12x in zoom. This means you would be able to see the opposing team with such clarity while they are trying to look for a spec in the distance. Of course, this rifle is bolt action, so you will have to make sure your shot in on target or else you have given away your position. When she shoots this rifle, it leaves a vapor trail of the bullet’s path, so make sure you land your shot. If you can manage to land a hit from the chest up, you will down or kill that defender. Kali has 2 options for a secondary, first being the P226 MK 25 9mm semi-automatic pistol that is like all the rest, dependable but not the best for facing an assault rifle opponent. Her other option, my recommendation, is the C75 Auto machine pistol. This is fully automatic machine pistol with a 26-round mag. The best chance you have at shorter range is to have a machine pistol to go against the defending operator’s assault rifles. For equipment, she has the choice of either a claymore or 3 breaching charges. If you consider yourself to be a marksman, you will enjoy using Kali as I did when she first came to Siege.

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