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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 3 Defender Guides

Operator: Maestro (Year 3, Season 2 Para Bellum)

Maestro is one of the most reliable support operators to date in Siege. He, unlike many other operators, is always designed to be in or near the objective site . His job a lot of times is to be the last line of defense when all the other defenders have been caught and eliminated. In the best-case scenario, he would never have to fire his weapon and he would be the eyes in the sky kind of operator. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. He is a slow-moving operator but if you know how to use him you may not have to move really at all during the round. His ability is called an “Evil Eye”, these are remote bulletproof cameras. Maestro gets two of these cameras that he can put on any solid surface, usually in places where enemies are known to come by in order to find them. Placing them in areas in which are blind spots for the normal cameras is a good strategy in order to maximize your field of view. These cameras have 2 functions, first to be a camera in order to spot the opposing team as they approach the objective, and then they can shoot lasers out of it dealing about 3-5 damage per laser shot. In order for the camera to shoot the bulletproof class goes away (can be toggled), so if the camera is shooting you, you can shoot it back. You can only shoot it when the camera is “open”. It can always spot you when it is closed but can only fire when it as well is vulnerable. Only Maestro can control the shooting of the camera, if he is dead, then the camera is only used as a camera, not a weapon. Sledge can use his hammer to break the camera when he is next to it, also Thatcher can throw and EMP grenade at it which would disable the bulletproof class, allowing the attacking team to shoot it. A twitch drone can also shoot the Evil Eye with a taser shot to open it up in order to shoot it. Many players ignore the fact that some abilities can beat the camera, rather they will just ignore it or try to shoot it themselves. Maestro has two options for a primary weapon, first being the ALDA 5.56 light machine gun. This is the recommended choice for Maestro, it has an 80-round clip and can easily be used in long firefights. The other option is the polar opposite, it is the ACS12 fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun. This is good for those annoying players who like to rush you with a shotgun and overpower you. For most players, that is not the best option. He then has two choices for a secondary, first being the Bailiff 410 mini shotgun revolver. This revolver can bust a hole in a wall that you can jump through after a few shots from this revolver. His other option is the Keratos .357 high damage revolver. This does more damage than the Bailiff but does not break walls the same way. Either choice is a good one based on what your play style is. For equipment, Maestro has the choice between either some barbed wire or 2 impact grenades. Use his Evil Eyes strategically and you will manage to have all angles covered.

Operator: Alibi (Year 3, Season 2 Para Bellum)

Alibi is the biggest “bait” operator known to Siege. She has the ability to be in multiple places as once, or does she? Alibi changed the entire spawn peeking game and made it do a 180. She came along with Maestro in the same season as teammates and they can create the most annoying objective site there can be. Her ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. She has way different ratings than Maestro, but they can combine their abilities to make a solid defense. Her ability is called a “Prisma”, these are fake versions of herself. What this does, is it places a hologram of Alibi down as if she was in the shooting position and ready to shoot. If someone on the attacking team shoots one of these Prismas, their position will be revealed for a few seconds. So when a round starts, it is very common that there will be a Prisma at one of the exterior windows acting like they are spawn peeking, but it is a trap. By shooting it, you mark yourself to the defenders and they can be peeking somewhere else outside and then have a perfect shot on you and you will have no idea where it came from. You can destroy these Prismas by shooting the metal plate between its feet. She can put these anywhere she wants, in the objective, by spawn peek spots, even outside. If she throws one outside, it will tell the opposing team that an enemy is outside, but it really is a trap. I can say that I have shot these many times because when you come around a corner and see it looking at you, you instinctively shoot it because you do not want to be shot first. The best way to beat this tactic is to drone out the area and make sure that what you shoot is someone real. For weapons, there are two options for a primary. The first is the Mx4 Storm 9mm submachine gun. This weapon has a high fire rate with the option of an extended barrel to allow for greater range on it. This is the best choice for Alibi players, her other option is the ACS12 shotgun, just like Maestro. Funny enough, she has the same options for secondaries as maestro as well. She has the Keratos .357 revolver and the Bailiff 410 mini shotgun revolver. Both are solid choices; it all depends on which one fits you better. For equipment, she has the choice of either 2 impact grenades or a deployable shield. I would use the shield because you can throw a Prisma behind it fool your opponents.

Operator: Clash (Year 3, Season 3 Grim Sky)

Clash is one of those operators that just makes you want to delete the game. That is the easiest way to say it, she can be the reason why your team does not win a round. Before Clash came out, there was only one shield operator that could fully protect herself from any incoming bullets, now she is here. Her ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. She is not fast, she is armored, and that is all she needs. Her ability is called the “CCE Shield”, this is not a fun ability to fight against. The CCE Shield is a full body shield that is similar to Montagne, but this one is electrified. Clash has the fully body shield and can electrify it, and when in range it will stun you and take off between 3-5 health per bolt. So, you cannot charge her like you can a Montagne, you have to get her from the back or have enough players on your team to overrun her. She is great for distracting opponents and making sure they do not get into a room. You can melee her shield and it will knock it back slightly for you to have the chance to get a shot in, but I would not recommend this if you are alone with her. A Thatcher EMP grenade can disable the electric part of her shield, but only for a short period of time. The best chance you have to eliminate Clash is to catch her in a crossfire, make her focus on two different directions in order to make her look away and open up a shot on her back. She is not known to get many kills, but she is the one who sets up the kills by distracting you. There is one move she has that is hard to perform, she can put her shield on her back, she must spin when she does this to keep the shield in the direction of the other team. If she does this, she can get a shot on you before you can realize what she did. Clash only has one option for a primary, and that is her CCE Shield. She only has the option between two secondary weapons. First being the P-10C 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a fixed red dot sight. Her other option is the SPSMG9 fully automatic 9mm machine pistol, this used to be a burst fire weapon, but they updated it to be fully automatic. This is the choice I would recommend because you will only have a quick second to get a shot in so it might as well be from a machine pistol. For equipment, she either can have some barbed wire or 2 impact grenades. If you are one of those players that play Clash, first I respect it and second, why!?!

Operator: Kaid (Year 3, Season 4 Wind Bastion)

Kaid is one of my personal favorites for a defense operator. He may not look that good and his ability may not be seen as useful but in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, he can be the best operator for the job. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. Kaid is not meant to be roaming around, he is meant to make the objective sight airtight. His ability is called a “RTILA Electroclaw”. This is a devise that Kaid throws and it electrifies anything made of metal that is in its effective range. To give it an exact definition, he has 2 of these devices that each can electrify up to 3 reinforced walls. This is similar to Bandit, but instead of using one device for each wall, Kaid and can simplify that issue. He can also throw one of these devices on a reinforced hatch, making it so that the attacking team cannot breach through it. This can also electrify barbed wire or a deployable shield. There are many different strategies that Kaid can use in order to slow down the attacking team. This is a great option for when you are in a basement objective with a garage door that you know the other team will try and come through. You can electrify the garage door after it is reinforced and the only way they can come through it is either by using a Thatcher EMP grenade or with Kali and her ability that will be explained in a future Attacker Guide. For weapons, Kaid has 2 choices for a primary. First, he has the AUG A3, this is an assault rifle that has been converted to a 9mm submachine gun. I still consider it an assault rifle because it still acts like one and has great accuracy and fire rate. His other option is the TCSG12 semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. This again, is another shotgun that can be decent for those who like to be in short range firefights, but not so decent for normal medium and long-range encounters. Just like Nomad, Kaid has the .44 Mag Semi-Auto pistol for his only secondary option. This is the sniper pistol that has an attached scope to it. It has a high recoil, but it can be a great tool to use when peeking a corner and you need better vision of the area. For equipment, Kaid has the option of either a nitro cell (C4) or some barbed wire. Make sure to get the most out of Kaid’s ability, it can be the reason why the attacking team has to come through basic doorways instead of breaching through a reinforced wall.

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