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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 3 Attacker Guides

Operator: Lion (Year 3, Season 1 Chimera)

Lion is an operator that is not known for his damaging effects from his weapons, but rather his strategic use of his ability to detect the opposing team. There are plenty of operators in Siege that have abilities to eliminate or deal damage, Lion is not one of these operators. Lion is one of the few operators that, on attack, can have a useful ability that does not break a wall or hurt an opposing player. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. He is an average rated operator with an underestimated ability. His ability is called the “EE-ONE-D”, this is a drone that detects movement. This is not a drone that is thrown or seen, it is invisible and in space. Lion can activate it and it will give the other team a warning that it is coming. It counts down and scans for a few seconds, if anyone on the opposing team moves, they will be detected, and their position will be given to the attackers. This is great for when you think someone is roaming around or you think they are moving in general. One great use is when you know the other team has a Caveira, if she ends up interrogating one of your teammates and gives away your position. You can use the drone to ping the other team moving to your position aka both teams will have something that tells them where the other team is. Lion gets to use his ability 3 times and it has a cooldown between uses. If Lion is last alive for the attacking team, he can make it difficult for the opposing team because he can use his ability to make sure the other team does not move while he can sneak up on you. Even if he does not reveal anyone’s position, he still knows that he made sure they did not move anywhere else. He has 3 choices for a primary weapon, first the V308 assault rifle. This comes with a drum mag that has 50 rounds in it. Next, he has the 417-marksman rifle, this is a semi-automatic weapon that deals high damage per bullet but should only be used by players who have decent accuracy. For his third option, he has the SG-CQB pump action 12-gauge shotgun, this is good for close quarter combat, but using a shotgun as an attacker is never a good option. Lion also has two choices for a secondary, first being the P9 standard 9mm pistol. Nothing special there, his other option is the LFP586 Magnum revolver. This deals high damage but has a smaller clip. The recoil is also a factor with this gun, it has a high recoil but high reward if you manage to land multiple hits with it. For equipment, he has the option between either 3 stun grenades or a claymore. Never forget to use Lion’s ability, it could save your life if used correctly.

Operator: Finka (Year 3, Season 1 Chimera)

Finka came in at the same time as Lion and they are both on the attacking side of Siege, they have different abilities, and they can be used together to really annoy the opposing team. A smart player using Finka can make a round hard to win as a defender. Her ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Just like Lion, Finka is a balanced operator when it comes to their ratings, but her ability is what players use her for. Her ability is called an “Adrenal Surge”. This is the ability to give 20 health to every attacking player with one push of a button. This can be perfect for when breaching a wall inside, it gives your team some extra health and gives them an edge in every firefight. Having more health is the number one key to winning a firefight in Siege (aside from accuracy). The real clutch part about Finka is her ability to save her teammates. If someone on the attacking team is down, Finka can use her health ability and it will revive that teammate no matter how far away she is from them. If Caveira has downed one of your teammates and is on her way to interrogate them, she can use her ability and revive them so that when Caveira shows up, she gets shot instead of coming up for the interrogation. This is also great if you have a teammate who is down and has nobody there to revive them, or they are in an area that is not safe to risk running in and reviving them. Finka can do it remotely without risking her life at all. Finka has 3 options when it comes to her primary weapon. The first is the Spear .308 assault rifle, this is a dependable assault rifle that has decent accuracy and is the usual choice for her primary. Her next choice is the 6P41 light machine gun, this is great for people who like to spray or just like having a big mag so the reload is not often. Finally, she has the SASG-12, this is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun, always good for close combat but not the best choice for attackers. For her secondary, she has the choice between two basic pistols. There is the PMM 9mm pistol for short range combat and then the GSH-18 9mm pistol. Both are semi-automatic and do the same job so it’s your choice on which you like better.

Operator: Maverick (Year 3, Season 3 Grim Sky)

Maverick is the only other operator that can have any success in destroying a reinforced wall, just not how you would think. In the hands of someone who knows the map and the usual camping spots of the defenders, Maverick can be the perfect operator for them. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. When you have a Maverick on your team, his job should be to find the flank of the objective and open up a place to catch the other team in a crossfire. His ability is called a “Breaching Torch”. This is a blow torch that can burn holes and lines through a reinforced wall that can allow the attacking team to be able to shoot through it and catch the defending team off guard. His torch is quiet, but it can still be beard if you are close to it and are listening. One way to use his ability is to make a hole with the torch and then let Glaz (thermal sniper) peek through it and start picking off the opposing team. If Maverick manages to burn the entire perimeter of the wall, it will destroy it, but this takes a while and he is vulnerable when he has his torch out. If you see a hole appear in a reinforced wall, you as a defender can shoot through it as well. More often than not, if you catch Maverick in the act, you can shoot through the hole and nail his head as he burns through. Another use of Maverick is to torch the bottom of a reinforced wall, if it is electrified, you can burn a hole by the bandit device and shoot it, which would allow a Thermite or Hibana to breach that wall entirely. Maverick has two options for primary weapons which are both great, it all depends on your play style. First is the AR-15.50, this is a semi-automatic assault rifle. This is great for precise shooting through a Maverick hole in a wall. His other option, the one that I use more often than not is the M4 assault rifle. This is fully automatic and is great for a firefight, it has little recoil and has a 30-round clip. Maverick only has one option for a secondary, that is the 1911 TACOPS, this is a classic semi-automatic pistol that is just as dependable as any other standard pistol in the game. For equipment, he has the choice between 2 frag grenades or a claymore.

Operator: Nomad (Year 3, Season 4 Wind Bastion)

Nomad is an operator who is great for covering the flanks when breaching into the objective site. She is the operator you would want to make sure nobody is coming around the flank you. Her ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Her ability takes an advanced player in order to use it to its intended purpose. Her ability is called the “Airjab Launcher”. This is a device that she shoots that can stick to any surface. It takes a second the activate but what it does is that if anyone from the opposing team walks into its proximity, it will launch them back and stun them for a second. This gives the attackers the chance to run to them and eliminate them before they can recover from the device. This is perfect for planting the defuser in the bomb room and having an Airjab placed on each entrance. That would mean that anyone coming into the room would be stunned and vulnerable to an ambush. If you are not planting the defuser, these can be used well in hallways and doorways you know the defending team will go through. This will also let you know which direction they will be coming from so you can set up a defense for it. For her weapons, she has 2 options for her primary. First being the AK-74M assault rifle, this has the 40- round mag and is the most commonly used weapon for Nomad. Her other option is the ARX200, this is heavy hitting assault rifle that has a 20-round mag, so if you like to spray and not reload, this is not the one for you. Her only secondary option is a scoped .44 magnum pistol. This is a sniper pistol that has great range but a heavy recoil. Kaid has the same secondary but on defense. I use this pistol all the time because it allows you see down long hallways and have perfect accuracy if someone comes down it. She then has the option between 3 stun grenades or 3 breaching charges. Use her Airjab wisely because it could be the only thing that alerts you of the defending team’s location.

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