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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 2 Defender Guides

Operator: Mira (Year 2, Season 1 Velvet Shell)

Mira is an interesting operator because she is the only operator that can alter the field of vision a defending team has. She has an ability that give a big advantage to the defending team, but if used incorrectly or if her plan fails, it would give that advantage to the attacking team in a matter of moments. Her ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. She is not the fastest operator, but she is durable. Her ability is called the “Black Mirror”, and this is a change to your normal reinforced wall. She can place a one-way bulletproof mirror on a reinforced wall, this allows the defending team to see through the wall while the attacking team would just see a black rectangle on the wall. She gets two of these mirrors per round and they can be placed on either a reinforced wall or a soft wall. Each mirror has a canister on it that looks like a fire extinguisher, you can shoot it or melee it. If you do that, the one-way mirror will break and both sides will be able to shoot through it. If an attacker manages to break one of these mirrors, they can open up more angles to catch the defenders in a crossfire. One way many people use Mira is to reinforce one wall and put a mirror on it, then have the wall next to them not reinforced so they can shoot through it. If you line up someone’s head through the mirror and then shoot through the soft wall, you can eliminate the enemy without them even being able to see you. These mirrors are best used on walls you suspect the enemy will come by so you can see their approach and predict their next move. For weapons, she has two choices for a primary, the first being the Vector .45 ACP. This is a fast shooting submachine gun that can be deadly from short to medium range. This would be my recommendation for her primary. Her other option is the ITA12L pump action 12-gauge shotgun. This deals heavy damage but is limited on its range. Her secondary weapon choices are the standard USP40 semi-automatic pistol and the ITA12S compact 12-gauge shotgun. If you like having a shotgun, I would recommend using this as your secondary and have the Vector as your primary. If you want to use the Mira trick with the mirrors, use the Vector for longer range encounters and have the compact shotgun for close encounters or if your primary runs out of ammo. She then has the choice between barbed wire or a nitro cell (C4) for her equipment. I am partial to the nitro cell because it can be very effective for catching someone off guard.

Operator: Lesion (Year 2, Season 3 Blood Orchid)

Lesion is one of my all-time favorites for defenders, even after they nerfed him in a recent update. He is one of those annoying operators that can keep annoying you even after he has been killed. He has a combination of good weapons and a very useful ability for the defending team. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Many players use him to roam, but he can be great at both camping objective and roaming on his own. His ability is called “Gu”, these are cloaked needle traps that the attackers step on when they walk over it. Before the patch update, these needles would deal 10 damage when stepped on, and continual damage if the attacker does not pull it out of their ankle, which is a whole animation that leaves them vulnerable. Now days, they do not deal any initial damage when stepped on, but they will do continual damage if they are not pulled out. The other useful concept to these needles is that they can tell Lesion where they are. When they step on a needle, it makes noise and you can identify where they are if you remember where you threw the needle. Usually, Lesion will camp in a place by one of his needles and wait for someone to hit it and then rush them when they try to take it out. Lesion gets a total of 8 needles per round, but they take time to recharge before he can through another one. Lesion has two options for a primary weapon, only one of which is really effective. He has the SIX12 SD 12-gauge shotgun with a fixed suppresser, this is the weapon I do not recommend, mainly because it limits the range you can attack at. The recommended weapon would be the T-5 SMG, this is a fast shooting submachine gun that is extremely accurate if you know how to manage the recoil. This is what I use, and I have never wanted to use another weapon with Lesion and wish other operators could have it in their arsenal. He has a Q-929 pistol as his secondary, which is another standard pistol that is reliable if you need to use a pistol for whatever reason. He then has the option between either 2 impact grenades or a bulletproof camera. If you use his Gu needles right, the other team will hate you after the first round.

Operator: Ela (Year 2, Season 3 Blood Orchid)

Ela is another trap operator that nobody wants to face. She is a mobile operator that everyone wants to eliminate ASAP. She is mainly used to defend doorways and entrances, but she can easily roam around and try and catch you on your blind side. Her ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. She is fast but is not that tough in a firefight. She can be the operator that gives away your position and you will have no defense to her. Her ability is called a “Grzmot Mine”. This is a sticky mine that can be placed on any surface, usually placed on doors and other entry ways. These are concussion mines that will make your operator dizzy and impair your hearing, so you may not hear her sneak up on your when you hit one of these mines. She only gets 3 per round and the effects of one mine can last about 5 seconds. This is enough time for someone to run up on you and engage you before you are fully recovered from the mine. If you want to survive, you can either run away or aim down your sights to where you think they defender will be coming from to get you. If you have a teammate with you, you can easily bait someone into engaging someone who they think is defenseless, but in reality, you are setting a trap for the defender to fall into. If you want to roam with Ela, place your minds around where you are and wait for your moment to pounce. For her weapons, she has two options for a primary. First, she has the Scorpion Evo 3 A1, this is a submachine gun that holds 40 rounds and fires quickly. This would be my recommendation if you want to be effective in a firefight from medium to long range. She then has the F0-12 semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. This is great at short range but will let you down if you are attempting to hit someone that is not in the same room as you. For beginners, use the shotgun until you are confident that you can engage in precise, accurate firefights. Her only secondary is the RG15 standard pistol with a fixed reflex sight. A reliable pistol but use only if you need to. For equipment, she has the choice between wither barbed wire or a deployable shield. Either of these are good choices as long as you use them strategically.

Operator: Vigil (Year 2, Season 4 White Noise)

Vigil is a unique operator with an ability that is like no other when it comes to Siege. Vigil is a heavy roaming operator that is designed for him to intercept the other team at any point that he sees fit. Like many roamers, he is either a great help to the team, or he is the weak link getting killed early in the round. His ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. So, he is a fast-moving operator with only a little armor. You will need to make sure you have the element of surprise on your side if you want to succeed. His ability is called the “ERC-7”. This is the ability to go invisible to drones. Each attacker gets 2 drones to scout ahead and see how the defense is set up. While using his ability, he will be invisible to drones, but if a drone is near him, they will get some digital symbols (White Noise) on their screen. This tells the attacker that Vigil is in that room, but they will not be able to tell where in the room he is. His ability only lasts around 10-15 seconds and then drones can see him again. This ability recharges and can be used again, but it takes time. If Vigil shoots while using his ability, he will become visible again. He can also use this ability to hear the enemy, the white noise will appear on his screen when an attacker is getting closer to him. This is a great ability if he wants to move from one side of the map to the other, he can go invisible so no drone can track his movement. He is always completely visible to operators not on drones . For weapons, he has two choices, first being the K1A submachine gun. This would be my choice if I want to be effective in a firefight. It is great at medium range and has a 30-round clip in it. His other choice is the BOSG.12.2 sniper shotgun. Just like Dokkaebi, he has the choice to wield the sniper shotgun, which is an all or nothing weapon. This is for marksman and players that are very confident in their shooting abilities. It has extreme amounts of damage per shot, but you have to make sure that you do not miss. He also has the choice between the C75 Auto, which is a full auto machine pistol that is great for short range encounters. His other secondary choice is the SMG-12 machine pistol. This is what I use, and the recoil is the only thing that you need to control on this gun. It fires fast and can deal high amounts of damage if you have control over the weapon. For equipment, he has the choice between either a bulletproof camera or 2 impact grenades. Make sure to know your surroundings if you wish to roam with Vigil, he is either the hero or the scapegoat for each round.

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