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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 2 Attacker Guides

Operator: Jackal (Year 2, Season 1 Velvet Shell)

The first operator that year 2 brought to Siege was that of Jackal. He is a useful pick if your goal is to track down the opposing team one by one. When it comes to operators that get banned in ranked, Jackal is 99% of the time one of those operators. His ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. He has a balanced rating scale and his 3 in difficulty is warranted, it goes well with his ability. His ability is called the “Eyenox Model III”, this is the ability to use a blacklight gadget on his helmet to show the opposing teams’ footsteps. While this is already a great ability, it also allows him to scan the footsteps and reveal the location of where that operator is at the time, this can be seen by Jackals’ entire team. Depending on how fresh the footsteps are, determine how many times the enemy operator’s position is revealed. Jackal can use his ability 3 times to scan footsteps, but can always have the blacklight on to try and follow the footsteps left behind. This is useful when you hear someone run through a room near you and you do not know quite where they are camping. When scanned the other player gets notified that Jackal is tracking him, this usually prompts that player to move to another location and that is when you attack them. Once you know that they are moving, setup a position where you think they will run by and happy hunting. When it comes to his weapons, he has three options for a primary. First, he has the C7E Assault Rifle, this can be toggled between semi-automatic and full automatic firing modes. Depending on what map you are playing on, the choice between an acog scope and a holographic sight will be the hard choice. His second choice is the PDW9 submachine gun, I personally do not use this gun only because I feel like his assault rifle gets the job done better. His third and final choice for a primary weapon is the ITA12L 12-gauge shotgun, this would be the choice for some more close quarters maps. He then has two choices for a secondary weapon, first is the USP40 basic semi-automatic pistol that is not any different than most pistols in the game. His other choice is the ITA12S compact pump action 12-gauge shotgun. I would advice this option for when you have to go to your secondary when the enemy is pushing you and you need something that packs a punch. He then goes to have the choice between either a claymore or smoke grenades for his equipment, I personally like to use the claymore because it can cover your flank and prevent someone from coming in behind you.

Operator: Ying (Year 2, Season 3 Blood Orchid)

Ying is an annoying operator to play against, but she is easily beaten. Her success depends on how well she uses her ability. She is a tactical operator that can either really help your team win, or she can be the reason why your team loses the match. Her ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Her ratings are solid if you want a balanced operator, but it is her ability that attracts majority of players to choose her. Ying’s ability is called the “Candela”, and this is a cluster grenade full of flash grenades. When thrown, it shoots out multiple flash grenades in all directions to maximize her effectiveness. This can blind a defender for multiple seconds, which would give you and your team some time to get in, identify where the other team is and have the jump on them to eliminate them. She also has glasses on that make the flash grenades not as effective on her own eyes so she can have the advantage. One thing that people need to watch out for is the fact that the flash grenades can blind your team as well, make sure that you are not throwing it into a room where your team is already breaching. Too many times I have had my round foiled by someone who does not know how to use Ying’s ability correctly. The only way to avoid being blinded by these flash grenades is to look directly into a wall of the floor for the duration of the explosions. Many times, I have tricked a Ying that I was blind but in fact I avoided the grenade and was fully prepared for her to attempt to enter the room. For her weapons, she has two options for her primary. First, she has the T-95 LSW light machine gun that has an 80 round drum magazine, which can be good for long firefights and fighting against reloading. Her other option is the SIX12 semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. This is not the best choice due to its effective range. It already does less damage than any other rifle, so it would take more shots and at a closer range to be effective. She only has one option for a secondary, and that is the Q-929 semi-automatic pistol. Her equipment choices are either 3 breaching charges or 2 smoke grenades. Using a smoke grenade and then her Candela grenades can be a super effective tactic in distracting the opposing team.

Operator: Zofia (Year 2, Season 4 White Noise)

Zofia is what a lot of people in Siege call “The better Ash”, this meaning that she can do the same thing as Ash but better. This actually is not a false statement; she has a similar ability to Ash but has an added secondary ability that can be useful. Her ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. She is a solid attacker and is picked quite a lot among Siege players. Her ability is called the “KS79 Lifeline”. This is a double-barreled launcher that can fire both concussion and impact grenades. These impact grenades can go through any soft wall or hatch, just like Ash and her breaching round. Her concussion grenades can be shot into a room and they are detonated based on their proximity to an opposing player. So, if you shoot one of these into a room and it immediately detonates, you know there is someone in that room, and they are concussed. If there is nobody in the room, the grenade will land in the room and explode after a second or two. That is her primary ability, but what not as many people know, she has a hidden second ability. If she is downed, she can start an animation that allows her to stand back up with only 5 health. This takes about 5-10 seconds to do, so you would need to be in a place where you have time. The first time I saw this ability used, I thought someone had hacked the game and cheated. I ended up being eliminated because I thought she was down and I could take my time getting to her to eliminate her, I was sadly mistaken. She can only do this once (because you can only be downed once a round). She has two choices for a primary weapon, the first being the LMG-E, this is a 150 round LMG that is not my choice for her weapons, but it can be effective if you like to not reload as often. Her second choice is the M762 assault rifle that the majority of players use when operating Zofia. It is comparable to the AK-47, but it has better stability and accuracy. Her only choice for a secondary weapon is the RG15 basic pistol that has a fixed reflex sight. She then has the choice between either 3 breaching charges or a claymore.

Operator: Dokkaebi (Year 2, Season 4 White Noise)

One of the few times throughout Siege history that one season brings two operators that are on the same side. Dokkaebi is a tactical operator that can be great when attempting to catch someone roaming or determining what area you peek when entering a room. Her ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. On paper she is a balanced operator, but it is her ability that proves her worth to the team. Her ability is called the “Logic Bomb”, this is the ability to call the defenders phones and make them buzz as if they were on silent mode, but the vibration can be heard by the attackers. This is great if you think someone is around the corner from you or you just want to make sure that nobody is making a move on you. If you are roaming away from the objective as a defender and your phone goes off, your position has been given away and you are not surprising anyone. Defenders can turn off their phone, that takes about 3 seconds and it makes them pull their phone out. This makes them vulnerable to being rushed before they can turn their phone off. She also has a secondary ability, that is the ability to hack the defenders’ phones. When Dokkaebi finds a dead defender, she can take their phone and hack it. What this does, is it allows the attackers to have access to all cameras the defenders have. This takes the only advantage the defenders have and evens the playing field. So if the other team has a Valkyrie, the attackers would have access to the cameras that she has placed for the defenders. This is a very annoying ability to defenders, they would then have no defense except their positions and the fact that time is a factor. One last thing about Dokkaebi’s ability, Echo does not get the phone calls, he is immune to it. This is a counter to her ability and can foil her plans if she thinks a room is clear, but Echo is waiting for her. For her primary, she has the choice between two very different weapons. The first is the Mk 14 EBR, this is a marksman rifle that is semi-automatic, but it packs a punch. This weapon makes her like Blackbeard without the face shield. This weapon is great for precise shooting and sniping. Her other option is the BOSG.12.2, this is the all or nothing gun in Siege. This is a double-barrel sniper shotgun, it has a slug shot that does not spray. When hit buy it, you will either be downed/dead, or you will have less than 10 health. It is a risky gun, but in the hands of a marksman, it can be a very deadly weapon. This only has 2 shots per reload, so make them count. Dokkaebi has two options for s secondary starting with the C75 Auto, this is a fully automatic pistol. This is a great choice for close encounters and the fire rate will beat a defender’s semi-automatic pistol. Her other option that I use is the SMG-12, this is machine pistol that can have a holographic sight but has a good amount of recoil. So, if you can handle the recoil, this can be a great secondary for you. She then has the choice between smoke grenades or flash grenades for her equipment.

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