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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 1 Attacker Guides

Operator: Buck ( Year 1, Season 1 Black Ice)

Buck is a solid choice for an attacker if you are looking for an operator with a decent primary weapon as well as an easy to use ability. He is an operator that is picked quite often in both casual/quick match and ranked matches. For his ratings, he is a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Buck is an easy operator to use if you are looking to go for kills and finding ways into the objective site. His ability is called the “Skeleton Key”, this is a shotgun attachment to his primary weapon that can toggled from his primary weapons firing mode. What this ability does is it allows you to shotgun any soft wall or hatch and destroy it with one or two shots. This is a great ability to use when you are trying to avoid going through basic doorways and flanking the other team. When you use this Skeleton Key, you can do damage to an opponent just like a normal shotgun and if an opposing player happens to be on the other side of the wall you are breaching through, you will deal severe damage if not kill that player while breaching. One main use for Buck and his ability is to breach a soft wall next to a bomb site so you can allow yourself and team into the room and get the get the “Defuser” planted and have an upper hand on the defending team. You can also use his ability if you do not want to melee down a door and risk getting shot by someone peeking that door. When it comes to his weapons, his primary assault rifle is called the C8-SWF. This assault rifle is fully automatic and is best for medium to long range shootouts that does 40 damage per hit and if you remember quick enough, you can use his Skeleton Key to hit from short range. Essentially, Buck has the best of both worlds when it comes to a primary weapon. His other option for a primary weapon is a semi-automatic marksman rifle called the CAMRS. Not too often you see this as his primary but if you are an effective sharpshooter, this may be the gun for you. He only has one option for a secondary and it is the standard MK1 9mm pistol. This is an average pistol that deals on 48 damage per hit (except a headshot). Buck has the choice between either 3 stun grenades or a claymore. Fun fact, on April 22nd they updated the game and took away Buck’s frag grenades that were very useful and switched them with the stun grenades.

Operator: Blackbeard (Year 1, Season 2 Dust Line)

Blackbeard is an operator that is best used as a peeker or head-glitcher. What that means is to use him either by aiming down you sights and watching a certain doorway/ window (Peeking) or to be behind cover and being able to see over it with only your head exposed (Head-Glitching). Blackbeard can either be a useful pick if you know how to use him, or he can be a waste if someone just uses him to rush in with no cover. For his ratings, he is a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. His ability is called a “Rifle-Shield” and what this does is puts a shield on the sights of his gun that shields your face from bullets. These can break and it only takes a few bullets to do that but it gives Blackbeard the time to see you and eliminate you before you break his shield. Each round Blackbeard gets 2 of these Rifle-Shields and he can put them on whenever he wants. That’s why he is an effective operator if he is head-glitching, it gives him the ability to deal full damage to an opposing player while it would take extra bullets in order to eliminate Blackbeard. For his weapons, the usual primary weapon is the MK17 CQB, which is a fully automatic 7.62 caliber assault rifle that deals high damage but also has a heavy recoil (Kick from the gun moving your aim with each shot). This gun is good for players that like to spray when shooting or do not have the best accuracy when playing first person shooters. His other option is the SR-25 which is a semi-automatic rifle that is meant for longer range encounters. This gun is great for players that look to be a precise shooter or a sharpshooter. Blackbeard is all about dealing high amounts of damage because his secondary weapon is a D-50. For gamers out there, that is a Desert Eagle. This is a .50 caliber semi-automatic pistol that also has a heavy recoil but is not kind to the opponents if you manage to land a shot. He then has the options of either 3 breaching charges or 3 stun grenades. The best way to attack Blackbeard is to approach him from his flank or side to avoid having him use his Rifle-Shield against you. It only covers where he is facing. Also, in his bio, he is from Bellevue, Washington so State Pride!

Operator: Capitao (Year 1, Season 3 Skull Rain)

Capitao is an operator that I would recommend for more strategic players if you want to use him to his full potential. He is an operator that is great for either being a distraction or the one who covers a teammate when they are pinned down. For his ratings, he is a 2 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. He is a quick operator but does not have much armor so try to avoid open area firefights. His ability is called the “Tactical Crossbow”, and this is a crossbow that can either fire incendiary bolts that cover an area in fire, which deals damage to anyone who is in its radius. He can also fire micro smoke grenades from this crossbow which is where the tactical side of him comes out. Many players will ignore using the micro smoke grenades because they do not deal any damage but in reality, they are more useful that the incendiary bolts. If you are playing Bomb, you can use this smoke grenade to blind the enemies from a part of the room and allow your teammate to plant the defuser without the other team knowing where he is. The hardest thing about the Bomb game mode is getting the defuser planted because when you plant it, you are defenseless. This can allow your team to get the hardest part of the game done with little to no problems. If you are smart, after the smoke wears off you can fire the incendiary bolts around the entrances to where the opposing team would be coming from to destroy the defuser and prevent or stall them from doing this. Once the defuser is planted, it does not matter if you die, as long as there is not enough time to destroy the defuser your team will win. When it comes to his weapons, he has the choice between the PARA-308 assault rifle which is a compact rifle that is best used in close to mid-range fights. His other option is a M249 Light Machine Gun that has a large magazine holding 100 rounds. This weapon is great for suppressing fire (firing to distract the other team and cover a player while they are moving around). For his secondary, he only has one option and that is the PRB92 semi-automatic 9mm pistol. Like most pistols, use them only at short range or if you do not have time to reload your primary weapon. For his equipment, he has the option between either a claymore or 3 stun grenades. Use Capitao the right way and you will have opposing players either hate you or ask you to join their squad.

Operator: Hibana (Year 1, Season 4 Red Crow)

Hibana is an operator that is classified as a breacher. Aside from Thermite, she is the only operator that can destroy a reinforced wall in an instant. She is a popular pick mainly because you want at least one hard breacher (Someone who can destroy reinforced walls) on your team. Without having a hard breacher, you will have to go through normal doorways or windows which is a riskier task. Her ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. Her ability is called the “X-Kairos” which are 40mm pellets that are fired and stick to any wall or door. When you shoot this ability, it fires six of these pellets in a horizontal line (3x2) and it breaks the wall based on their position. She gets 3 shots of this and using one does not break a reinforced wall enough to go through it but you can use it as a head-glitch spot. This would provide a Blackbeard with the ultimate peek and can be a deadly combination. If you fire 2 shots of this and they are above one another, you will be able to vault through that wall and enter the next room. You can use her ability to catch the other team in a crossfire if you go around the back of the objective while another teammate is coming up on the front side. This ability is remotely detonated, so you can shoot it on a wall and run around while you trigger it and distract the other team and can possibly catch them looking at the wall and get them from behind. For her weapons, she has two options for a primary. The first being the TYPE-89 assault rifle that has decent stopping power but only a 21-round clip. This is my recommended weapon to use for Hibana, mainly because her other choice is a 12-gauge pump action shotgun and attackers best used with weapons that can hit from longer ranges. He other option is the SUPERNOVA shotgun that nobody really uses when they are playing as Hibana, there is not much tactical use for it. She also has two options for a secondary, they are the P229 semi-automatic pistol or the Bearing 9 fully automatic submachine gun. This is my recommended secondary, having the ability to have two full auto weapons in your arsenal is a great advantage as an attacker. For equipment she has the options of either 3 stun grenades or 3 breaching charges, both are useful so pick your poison.

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