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Rainbow Six Siege: Ranked Game Mode Guide

The Ranked game mode is for those that wish to compete to the best of their abilities and not to mess around. That is simply the main difference between Ranked and Quick Match. The object of the game is the same, either achieve the objective or eliminate the other team, there is just more on the line. There are a few subtle differences from the regular quick match, one of which is that instead of having 3:30 per round, there is only 3 minutes per round. In a standard game of quick match, the goal is to be the first team to three wins, while in Ranked it is the first to four wins. You must win by 2 rounds if you want to win the match. For example, you would have to win 4-2, 4-1, or 4-0 if you want to win the game without going to overtime. If the game is at a 3-3 tie, then it becomes the first to 5 wins. Many times, I have been in games that go the full 9 rounds and you can win 5-4. If you make it to the full 9 rounds, the game will take about 40 minutes to complete. In Ranked, there is only one objective type and that is Bomb. This is comparable to Search and Destroy from Call of Duty and is the harder and more strategic objective type.

You must be level 30 or above in order to play the Ranked game mode, this allows for some experience for players before they go into the competitive side of Siege. Unlike Quick Match, there is a 30-minute ban penalty if you quit the game early, and it will also hurt your overall stats. You will also receive an experience and reward penalty for quitting early. The biggest difference from Quick Match to Ranked is that in ranked, you get to ban operators before the match begins. What this means, is that both teams get to choose 2 operators, one attacker and one defender, to not be used throughout the entire match. The defending team will ban an attacking operator, next the attacking will ban an attacking operator and a defending operator, finally the defending team will ban a defensive operator. That is 4 operators in total that get banned, so this is your time to ban operators that you hate playing against, but be careful not to ban an operator that you like to use unless you really do not want the other team using them. When in Ranked, you will be given a rank based off of your MMR (Matchmaking Ranking). It does not matter how well you personally do, but rather it is based off the end result of the match. When a new season comes to Siege, you get to play your “Placement Matches”, which will determine your starting rank for that season. The placements last for 10 matches and at the end of your 10th match, you will receive your starting rank. The ranks are as follows: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Champion. Each category has levels, Copper, Bronze, and Silver have ranks from V-I aka (5-1), 5 being the lowest and 1 being the highest. As you go up in rank, it gets harder to level up, so a lot times you will be at Silver I and you will go up and down before you can manage to get to Gold III. You have to win multiple games straight to rank up quickly, usually you will lose less MMR when you lose than you’d gain if you win, so it is just a small step back but it can get very annoying getting so close to ranking up and then losing a match. I recommend playing this game mode with friends or with your teammates in a party together so you can communicate. Siege is all about communicating with your teammates so I would have the best setup possible if you are going for a rank grind to level up. I will compare online game modes like high school, in PE, you are there to have fun and mess around (Quick Match), but when you are on the varsity baseball team, you want to win at all costs and have good team chemistry and teamwork (Ranked).

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