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Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Guides (Part 5)

Operator: Kapkan (Defender)

Kapkan is another one of those annoying operators to play against but you love to have him on your team. His ability is called an “Entry Denial Device” which is a C4 booby trap placed on windows and doorways that is triggered by going through it. It is not an instant kill, but it takes off 51 health (out of 100). So, if you have less than half health, it will kill you. He has 5 of these devices to be placed on any way into a room except a hatch. If you look closely you can see the device before you hit it, but most times someone is trying to get somewhere fast and does not check for them. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. He has the choice between a submachine gun or a semi-automatic shotgun for his primary and the choice of 2 basic pistols for his secondary. For equipment, he can choose either 2 impact grenades or a nitro cell. Kapkan is a good operator if you are playing against a team that likes to rush in and not take their time. Having a Kapkan will either get you a lot of kills and assists or prevent the other team from rushing you efficiently.

Operator: Tachanka (Defender)

Tachanka is one of the least used operators based on his ability. His ability is called a “Mounted LMG” which is exactly how it sounds. He places a LMG on a stand that has a face shield which prevents a headshot, but when using his ability he is stuck in one spot and cannot move. He can look around, but he is in a fixed position which makes him extremely vulnerable to being flanked. His lower half is exposed so you can easily pick him off if he is not looking in your direction. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. He is best used when he is facing down a hallway or entry way that would require the other team to come right in front of him in order to reach the objective. He has the choice of either a semi-automatic shotgun or submachine gun for this primary weapon and his choice between 2 basic pistols for his secondary. He then has the choice between barbed wire or a deployable shield for his equipment slot. Tachanka is an all or nothing operator when he is on his LMG turret, be careful of leaving this turret unattended, the opposing team can hop on it and use it against you if you are not looking.

Operator: Jager (Defender)

Jager is another solid choice for beginning players, he has an easy ability and has decent ratings. His ability is called an “Active Defense”, to simplify that, he has 3 trophy systems that he can place anywhere he wants. These devices shoot equipment out of the air. For example, if there was a Jager device inside a room and someone tried throwing a grenade into that room, the device would shoot it out of the air and not detonate. He has 3 of these devices that can each shoot out 3 grenades. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. All you have to do is place these devices near places where you think grenades will be thrown, and that’s it. A simple ability that benefits your team greatly. When it comes to his weapons, he has the choice between an assault rifle or a shotgun, and then only one choice of a basic pistol for his secondary. He can either have a bulletproof camera or barbed wire for his equipment. Overall Jager is a fast and effective defender with an above average assault rifle to counter the attacking teams’ weapons.

Operator: Bandit (Defender)

Bandit is what is called a “denial” operator. This means he has the ability to deny the other team from breaching some walls. His ability is called “Shock Wire” which look like a car battery. He gets 4 of these devices that can be placed either next to reinforced walls which electrifies them and would destroy any form of breach charges, thus denying a breacher from breaking down a wall. He can also put a device in barbed wire which makes it electrified and deals damage to any opposing player that steps in it. If used correctly, you can force an opposing team to come down hallways where your team is lined up on and they would have an upper hand when it comes to a firefight. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. He is a fast operator which makes him ideal for going around and attempting to flank the attackers as the approach. He has the option of a submachine gun or a shotgun for his primary and only 1 pistol for his secondary. For equipment, he has the choice of either barbed wire that he can electrify or a nitro cell. This ability is good for defending objectives that are in a basement with breachable outside walls. By electrifying the walls to the exterior, you can force the opposing team to find another way (usually a harder way) into the building.

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