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Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Guides (Part 4)

Operator: Castle (Defender)

Castle is an operator that makes it harder to get into a building or objective site. His ability is called an “Armor Panel” that is a bulletproof barricade that can be placed in a window or doorway to seal off that entrance. The only ways to break down this barricade is to have any kind of breaching charge, or if you do not have any, you can melee it 12 times and it will break. Trying to melee it makes noise that can give away your position and gives someone time to run around and flank you. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Castle gets 3 armor panels to place wherever he wants as long as it is in a doorway or window. He has the options of either a submachine gun or a shotgun for his primary and either a basic pistol or stub nose shotgun for his secondary. For equipment, he has the choice of either a bulletproof camera or 2 impact grenades (used to make holes in walls to link rooms together), however they do not deal much damage to opponents, so I would not use them as a weapon unless it is all you have left.

Operator: Pulse (Defender)

Pulse is known as a roamer (someone who runs around the map who tries to intersect and surprise the attackers on their approach) with a useful ability. His ability is called a “Cardiac Sensor” which shows the other team’s heartbeats to him even if it is through walls or floors. It has a limited range, so you must be near him in order for him to detect you. He cannot shoot while using his ability, so if you see him while he is using his ability, you have the upper hand to eliminate him before he can switch to his primary weapon. His ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. He is fast, so he can run around using his ability to sneak up behind you, so it is usually a good choice to attack him in pairs. Just like most defenders, he has either a submachine gun or a shotgun as his primary and his choice of 2 basic semi-automatic pistols. He also has a nitro cell or barbed wire for his equipment. Pulse is an excellent hunter but make sure to not be an exposed area when using his ability.

Operator: Doc (Defender)

Doc is a simple defender that is a great choice for new players. He is the opposite of a roamer; he is most effective by camping near or in the objective site. His ability is called a “Stim Pistol” which is a pistol that shoots medical needles into either himself or his teammate’s and it replenishes 40 health. Aside from being one of my favorite and most used operators of defense, he is quite often used by majority of teams when defending. When playing this game, you can either be shot in the head which is an instant kill or be shot multiple times to the body in which you would go into a “downed” state, which is like most games. If your teammates get to you in time, they can revive you. However, Doc can revive himself if he has a needle left in his pistil (he gets 3). He can also shoot this needle into a downed teammate and revive them upon impact. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. He is another big operator with a big hit box but his ability to heal himself makes him a huge threat if you get him 1 on 1. Doc has the choice of 2 different submachine guns or a shotgun for his primary, and either a basic pistol or a revolver for his secondary. For equipment, he has the choice between a bulletproof camera or barbed wire.

Operator: Rook (Defender)

Rook is very similar to Doc in both appearance and in weapon options. Their abilities are also similar, Rook’s ability is to put down an “Armor Pack” which has armor plates in it, one for each of his teammates and himself. These armor plates allow whoever puts one on the ability to take more body shots before going down, it does not prevent a headshot which is an instant kill. It is in the best interest that all members of the team get their armor plates because if an attacker comes across the armor pack, they can put the plate on themselves if there are any left in the pack. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. Just like Doc, he has the choice between 2 submachine guns or a shotgun for his primary weapon, and either a basic pistol or revolver for his secondary. The only difference between their loadouts is Rook can have either barbed wire or 2 impact grenades for his equipment. Having both a Doc and a Rook on your team can be beneficial for staying alive longer.

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