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Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Guides (Part 3)

Operator: Blitz (Attacker)

Blitz is one of the most annoying operators this game has to offer to date. He is used as a rusher or a distraction to allow teammates to move into position. His ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. His ability is called a “Flash Shield”. In simple terms, this is a shield the same size as Fuze’s but it has a built in flash grenade on the front of it. His ability is to trigger that grenade to blind the enemy and shoot them while they cannot see or allow his teammates to rush in after blinding the opposing team. He gets 3 flash grenades on his shield that has a cooldown period so he cannot just flash 3 straight times on the spot, he has to use them strategically. He is a good operator to have go into a building first and disorient the other team and cause some problems for the opposing defenders. His shield is his primary weapon and he only has one option of a semi0automatic pistol for his secondary. His equipment choices are between smoke grenades or breaching charges. Blitz is commonly banned within the ranked game mode of siege due to his annoyance to defending teams.

Operator: IQ (Attacker)

IQ is an operator whose ability does no damage, nor can it lead to anyone on her team to deal damage. Her ability is called an “Electronics Detector”, this is a screen on her wrist that sees through walls and highlights any electrical device the opposing team has placed. It can also be used to see where the objective is in 2 of the 3 game modes of “Bomb” and “Secure Area”. This can be useful to see if there are any trip mines or traps that other players may not be aware of. She is not heavily used in the game because her ability is not one that deals damage, but she can be useful to keeping your team alive and not fall for traps. Her ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. An easy way to use her is to be the lead into a building or room to detect and destroy traps before they are triggered. She is a great counter to many defenders ability and she can render them useless if she knows her way around the map and game. When using her ability, she is only allowed to have a pistol out. She has 3 options for a primary weapon, 2 different assault rifles, or a LMG. Only one option for a secondary being a pistol and then her choice of either breaching charges or a claymore. She is considered a support operator but can easily be a gunner if she knows when to use her ability (when she is not under fire).

Operator: Smoke (Defender)

Smoke is a balanced defender that is good for luring enemies into his area and then using his ability which is called a “Remote Gas Grenade”. He has 3 gas grenades that he throws that can stick to walls and floors. He can only throw one at a time and cannot throw another until he remotely detonates the grenade he has thrown. This grenade makes a cloud of poisonous gas that takes attackers health off chunks at a time. The longer you stand in the gas, the more damage you will take over the time you are standing there. This ability is useful if you know someone is coming through a certain door or window, you can detonate a gas grenade from anywhere as long as it’s in place. You hit the same button to detonate the grenade that you use to throw it. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor, this allows him to be able to roam around the map in order to trap an opponent and either shoot them or gas grenade them out of where they are hiding. He has the option of either a submachine gun or a shotgun for his primary, with the choice of either a regular pistol or a machine pistol. For equipment, he has the choice of either barbed wire (slows down the enemy and makes noise when they come in contact with it) or a deployable shield (A shield that can block a doorway forcing people to vault over it, or you use it as cover in a corner).

Operator: Mute (Defender)

Mute is an operator that has multiple uses, he is a common operator picked on defense. His ability is called a “Signal Disruptor”, this is a device that jams all electronic devices within its proximity. Mute gets 4 of these devices, most commonly amongst beginners to block drones from coming into the objective site. This device will stop a drone in its tracks and rendering it useless for the rest of the round. Another use of this device used by more advanced players is to place it next to a reinforced wall, this would jam the signal of a thermite charge, aka it would not allow Thermite to breach through that wall. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Mute can be frustrating towards attackers whose abilities are breaching style or against anyone’s drone. He has the choice of a submachine gun or a shotgun for his primary and either a basic pistol or machine pistol for his secondary. He also has either a “Nitro Cell” (C4) or a bulletproof camera that he can place anywhere for equipment.

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