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Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Guides (Part 1)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guides

By Brady Robic

Operator: Sledge (Attacker)

Sledge is one of your basic intro to Siege operators, with a simple ability and an easy to use ability, he is a great operator for new players. Each operator has their ratings on difficulty (how hard or advanced this operator is to play as), speed, and armor. Each category has a max of 3. For Sledge, he is a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 3 armor. His ability is a “Breaching Hammer”, just like his name, he uses a sledgehammer as his ability. This hammer can be used on any “soft wall.” That means any wall that is not metal or has not been reinforced by the opposing team. His hammer can breach through these soft walls and make a new entry point on walls to the objective, hatches, and it can be used as a weapon. One hit from this hammer is an instant kill. He is equipped with an assault rifle or shotgun for his primary weapon, and the choice of a semi-automatic pistol, or a machine pistol for his secondary. There is also the choice between a frag grenade or a stun grenade for his equipment slot.

Operator: Thatcher (Attacker)

Thatcher is a tactical attacker for players in this game. He may not stand out in his ratings, but he is a valuable operator for any attacking team. Thatcher is a 1 difficulty, 2 speed, and a 2 armor. His ability is throwing EMP grenades. He has 3 of them and they can be thrown at any time that he is alive. By throwing one of his EMP grenades, it destroys any electrical device within its proximity range. For example, if there was a “Bandit” that put down his devices (a battery that electrifies the reinforced wall it is placed by), the Thatcher grenade would destroy that and allow his team to breach through that wall (Electrified walls cannot be breached by anyone). That is just one example of how Thatcher can be used in a tactical way. He has the choice of 2 different assault rifles for his primary as well as a shotgun, and there is only one choice for a secondary and that is a semi-automatic pistol. For equipment, he has the choice of either 3 breaching charges (breaks through a soft wall or hatch) or a claymore.

Operator: Ash (Attacker)

Ash is a female operator that has been a popular pick among Siege players. She is known to have a small “hit-box” (smaller target to hit). When it comes to her ratings, she is a 2 difficulty, a 3 speed, and a 1 armor. Since she is a 3 speed, she is used to get around the map quickly and usually used to flank the opposing team. Her ability is called a “Breaching Round”, it is a grenade shot out of a launcher that can destroy any window, soft wall, or hatch. She is used to breach the building or objective site that is being defended. She has the choice of 2 different assault rifles for her primary and a choice of 2 different pistols for her secondary. For equipment, she has the choice of either 3 breaching charges to go along with her ability, or 3 stun grenades. Using a Breaching Round from her ability is a lot safer than going up to a window or door and trying to melee it down.

Operator: Thermite (Attacker)

Thermite is an extremely important operator for the attacking team, he is one of only 3 operators that can destroy a reinforced wall and he is the most efficient at doing it. His ratings are a 1 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. He is a dependable operator with a tactical ability. His ability is called an “Exothermic Charge”. This is a rectangular thermite charge that is placed on any reinforced wall or hatch and detonates when the player controlling this operator chooses to. By doing this to a reinforced wall, it allows the rest of your team to get another angle to fire through or simply another entry point to attack the defending team. He is greatly paired with Thatcher because since thatcher can destroy anything that would prevent Thermite from breaching that wall ie a “Bandit” device, Thermite would then be able to breach that wall or hatch before the opposing team could react. Getting into the objective room or site is the most important thing in this game. He has the choice of either an assault rifle or a shotgun for his primary, a choice of 2 pistols for his secondary, and either a claymore or 3 stun grenades for his equipment slot. If there is one thing in this game you should not do, it is to not have a Thermite, Hibana, or Maverick on your team (The only 3 operators that can breach through a reinforced wall or hatch).

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