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Kobbe to Misfits

During the LCS 2020 spring split TSM finished with a 9-9 record and a second round exit to Flyquest in the spring playoffs. During the off-season DoubleLift one of the best ADCs in the world became available and TSM decided to jump on that deal. With DoubleLift on TSM it was time for Kobbe to find a new place to play.

Where will Kobbe go next?

Kobbe will play with Misfits a team in the middle of the pack in the LEC who lost to Rouge in the First round of the LEC spring playoffs. Misfits was a team that was down and needed a player to provide a spark for their team. Misfits believe Kobbe is that spark.

Why Would Misfits want Kobbe?

Statistically Bvoy the ADC Kobbe will be replacing was the best with reguards to the team in every statistical category. The issue of the Misfits squad was the inconsistency within the bot lane. There was not enough synergy between bot and support and that is what led to the decision of bringing in Kobbe. I believe that Bvoy will get a new team soon and that the main reason for the change is team synergy as well as there may be another international player that Misfits would like to sign.

Will Kobbe fit the team dynamic on Misfits?

I believe that Kobbe plays very sound League of Legends and will remain to scale at an effective rate. Kobbe is not the flashiest player and is able to get the job done which is not a direct fit for the type of play style that he just came from at TSM. Misfits needs some stability in the bot lane as mentioned prior and that is what Kobbe brings.

Why do players struggle at TSM?

This question is brought up due to the fact that the last two bot laners TSM has had Sven and Kobbe are very strong players that have looked poor on TSM. Sven changed teams this past season to Cloud 9 where he posted a 17-1 record with his new team. TSM has a very interesting environment and it will be seen this next split if Kobbe is able to return to form with the team change to Misfits.

Does Misfits have the team composition to become a top team in the LEC?

I do not believe that Misfits is a top team in the LEC. With teams like Fnatic and G2 clearly at the top of the league i do not see anyone dethroning them anytime soon. I also look at the next tier of teams with Origen and Mad Lions who both have promise and are able to compete with the top teams in Europe. Misfits will need a sense of urgency and consistency in order to finish higher than sixth next split.

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