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Joshua "Jatt" Leesman Joins Team Liquid as New Head Coach

Team Liquid just finished a disappointing spring split with a 7-11 record and 9th place in the LCS standings. The first change of the team was tactical to take place for DoubleLift at ADC. The Second is shifting DODO to a managerial and strategic coach role for Joshua "Jatt" Leesman.

Who is Jatt and what is his experience in the League of Legends community?

Jatt most recently was in an analyst position for the LCS. The role consisted of commentating League of Legends matches as a color commentator and a play-by-play commentator. He also was able to have a role in analyzing different facets of the game in various shows such as This or That and Jatt's Stats. Jatt started his career as a professional League of Legends player for teams Rock Solid and Dignitas.

Will Jatt be able to translate his experience to a coaching role?

With all of the various forms of experience gained throughout his time in the League of Legends community it is time for Jatt to put it all to the test. Team Liquid is historically the best team of all time in the LCS and who knows the team better that the man who has called their games from the good times and the bad. Jatt also has been studying strategy and team tendencies of all players/teams in the LCS. The skills that Jatt possesses seem to be the perfect overlap and the reasoning by this hire by team owner Liquid Steve. The common trend among League of Legends teams in North America has been to hire former players as coaches and I believe that Jatt has the knowledge to set him above any of the other coaching candidates that Team Liquid may have been looking at.

Was there a coaching issue with team Liquid or was Jatt to valuable to pass up on?

I believe that the head coaching position was created due to the expertise that Jatt possesses. Another coach on the main stage cannot hurt the draft of Team Liquid which seemed to have lackluster drafts this split. When you have a team that can learn champions in the meta or play champions to their full potential it is imperative to make sure that the symmetry that the champions have with one another is present throughout the team composition.

Was coaching truly an issue with the team?

I do not believe that coaching was the main issue with the team. When looking at the adversity that Team Liquid faced coaching was not the main issue. Early in the split the team compositions seemed a little meta focused yet that really wasn't the main issues. Team Liquid also has kept DODO as a coach so they must believe that there is still value among their coaching staff.

What is the main Issue that Jatt will need to fix on Team LIquid?

The big issue with the team is a chemistry problem. Broxah the jungler for team liquid was only able to join the team four games into the split which is a huge issue to begin with. The other issue is that the bot lane for Team Liquid liked to go with a slow scaling approach which is counter to how the team needed to succeed this last split. Broxah and Impact going for early pressure looked like a deadly combo which was underutilized. Going forward I personally do not know the way to fix the chemistry of the team, but it is up to the players to identify themselves just like Jatt said in the introduction video.

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