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Double Lift traded to former team TSM

CS Spring 2020: During the 2020 LCS Spring Split Team Liquid was the favorite not only to be the regular season champion but win the LCS playoffs for the 5th time in a row. In reality however, Team Liquid was an absolute disasted from start to finish with visa issues from their new jungler Broxah to motivation issues that DoubleLIft had throughout the split. This landed Team Liquid in the 9th place spot which was one spot higher than the last place CLG squad. Team Liquid staring at their 7-11 record decided they need to make a change. That change was replacing ADC DoubleLift.

Why Trade DoubleLift?

DoubleLIft is a very respected player among the League of Legends community and Professional scene so many people may be asking why would you trade him? Th

e answer to this question is Team Liquid was most likely not going to resign DoubleLift since he only had 6 months left on his contract and his new contract was not going to be cheap. The caliber of player DoubleLift is set to make in his next contract is going to be around 2.5 million dollars. A final reason Team Liquid was willing to get rid of Double Lift is that he was not playing to the level he should have been playing at this split. DoubleLift is a player who can carry your team to wins. This split it seemed he was not going for the difficult to make plays and was not playing well positionally.

Why TSM?

With some understanding of why Team Liquid was willing to trade DoubleLift away now we are going to dive into why DoubleLIft would want to g

o to TSM and why the trade works. DoubleLIft has played on TSM before with Biofrost and Bjergsen which there has been good synergy between the players before. DoubleLIft has been playing scrims with his former TSM teammates in his free time and has been playing like he never left. TSM did let DoubleLift go and there was some bad blood which everyone seems to have moved past. Stylistically there may be initial challenges though do to the fact that jungler Dardoch likes to play topside with BrokenBlade. Other than some full team synergy issues this seems to be a perfect fit since Kobbe the ADC for TSM has not played to form either this split and TSM would like to free up their international spot to bring in a player that can make the team better.

What Will Team Liquid do Without an ADC?

Team liquid needs to fill the ADC role with DoubleLift gone so who will they look to put in that position? I believe that Tactical who is Team Liquid's academy ADC will be the replacement. Three of the seven wins that Team Liquid had were while Tactical was playing as a replacement for DoubleLIft. Tactical does not seem currently to be the full time replacement but he is the best option moving forward to the LCS Summer Split.

Will DoubleLift improve TSM?

When looking at the 2020 Spring Split you may wonder why TSM would replace Kobbe with DoubleLIft? Kobbe may have played better this split but when it comes down to mechanics and decision making DoubleLIft is better even if he had a down split. Kobbe did not play like he did in the LEC last year and was just as much of a disappointment as DoubleLIft.

Where will Kobbe go?

When looking at possible options for Kobbe CLG or Golden Guardians seems to be the answer. FBI of Golden Guardians is good enough to hold his own in lane but does not typically pop off. CLG was the worst team in the LCS this split and needs to upgrade at ADC and Jungle. Stixxay is not the ADC they thought he could be and Kobbe would be the perfect replacement and give a spark to the struggling team.

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