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Update on Workers Stuck in India

-By Callie Wyckoff-


We received an update on the 41 workers who are still trapped in a collapsed Tunnel in India.

(Image from Unsplash)

There was a 30 second video of all the men standing in a semi-circle as someone from outside asked them to confirm their identities. This is the first footage anyone has seen of the men from when they got caved in nearly ten days ago.

The rescuers were hoping to have men crawling out of a tunnel they were drilling Friday night, but now are hoping to resume drilling Tuesday. The rescuers had to stop due to the fear there would be a collapse of new debris on the workers.

On top of this plan, authorities are working on 5 other plans to get the workers out safely, if they cannot continue drilling.

Arnold Dix, President of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association, commented, "Those 41 men are coming home. Exactly when? Not sure."


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