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Update on UNLV Shooter

-By Lilyan Beck-


More information regarding the suspect in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas shooting has surfaced.

Anthony Polito was the man who was in charge of the incident where three people were shot and killed on sight and another died while in the hospital.

(Image from Unsplash)

Investigators found that Polito had mailed 22 letters to multiple employees at universities across the country. At least one of which contained a white powder which has since been determined as harmless.

This all comes after Polito applied for teaching jobs at multiple universities, and was declined.

Two victims were identified as faculty members at the business school where the shooting took place. The third who died on scene will not be identified until their family is notified.

Officials have said that Polito had a list of people he was looking for on campus, but none of those individuals were harmed.


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