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Update on India Tunnel Collapse

-By Callie Wyckoff-


An Update on the 41 men trapped inside the collapsed tunnel in India came out today.

After Many failed attempts, rat-miners were called in and successfully drilled a hole and two men have been successfully rescued.

That makes the final count from when the debris fell to when the first man was rescued 17 days.

An ambulance was waiting outside the tunnel for when the men started emerging to take them to the hospital to get examined.

Rat mining has been offical manned in India but it invovles drilling a very small shaft into the earth which the miners then lower themselves down to extract coal.

These men got called in after the big machinery rescuers were trying to use was not working. The rat miners drilled holes by hand rather than using big machines, which took away the fear of a new collapse on the workers- which was why the rescuers stopped using bigger machines.


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