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Update on Icelandic Volcano

-By Lilyan Beck-


In response to the nearly 800 earthquakes that have struck Iceland, authorities are now building a wall to protect a geothermal powerplant from potential lava flow.

Due to the increase in seismic activity, many believe that this could cause an eruption in one of the many volcanoes in Iceland.

(Image from Unsplash)

According to a spokesperson for the power company, that plant provides electricity to the entire country, so any disruption could be disastrous.

The location of the plant is about 3.7 miles from the fishing town that had to be evacuated on Saturday.

On Tuesday, authorities briefly allowed residents back into the town to retrieve their belongings, but this was quickly shut down as sulphur dioxide was detected in the area.

This could mean that there us an opening in the ground somewhere with magma nearing the surface.

News Central will keep you up to date as this story progresses.


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