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Update on Hurrican Otis

By Lilyan Beck


Hurricane Otis made landfall yesterday on Mexico's Pacific Coast, and we have updates for you.

At least 27 people have been killed by the hurricane as of today and four people have been reported as missing.

(Image from Unsplash)

Acapulco was among the areas with the worst damage as 80% of the hotels are damaged and most of the streets are flooded.

Due to the broken landlines and disrupted mobile phone coverage, the death toll was just released this morning.

Secretary of State for Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, said, "Unfortunately, we have received word from the state and city governments that 27 people are dead and four are missing."

The ministry of defense has deployed 8,000 soldiers to help with the clear-up as well as provide citizens with food and water.

Luckily, the strength of the storm did subside soon after it moved inland, but torrential rains are still expected.


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