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Update: Nine-Year-Old Found Unharmed

By Callie Wyckoff


An update was released this morning about the 9 year old girl who disappeared in New York Saturday night.

The 9 year old girl has been returned home, and the suspect is in custody.

Suspect. Craig Nelson Ross Jr, has been arrested (Image from Wix)

Since the disappearance, the family had been staying at the campground while the police monitored the families house.

Around 4 am Monday morning, someone dropped a note in the families mailbox. Immediately the note was taken in as evidence where the police were then able to match the fingerprints to Craig Nelson Ross Jr- who was in the system previously for a DWI case.

He was hiding out in a camper and was arrested around 6:30 pm Monday evening. As for the girl, she is reported to be physically unharmed even though she had been locked inside a cabinet.

Her family was overjoyed to have her returned saying, "A huge thank you to the FBI, New York State Police, all of the agencies that were mobilized, all of the families, friends, community, neighbors and hundreds of volunteers who supported us and worked tirelessly to bring Charlotte home."


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