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U.S. Announces Temporary Peportation Relief for Venezuelan Refugees

By Lilyan Beck


Officials announced yesterday that the U.S. will grant temporary deportation relief and access to work permits to about half a million Venezuelans who are already in the country.

This means that about 472,000 Venezuelans who arrived on or before July 31st are eligible for this protected status for 18 months.

The Department of Homeland Security said that this opportunity is being presented due to Venezuela's, "increased instability and lack of safety."

Image from Wix

To help with the safety of doing this, the Pentagon will allegedly send out 800 additional active-duty troops to the border. This adds on top of the 2,500 national guard troops who are already there.

Following this, the Biden administration is looking to expand a program that was

launched in May that rapidly processes families seeking asylum.


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