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Trump Trial: The Third Day

By Natalie Clemente


Today is the third day of the $250 million civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump and his company.

New York Attorney General, Letitia James, is looking to charge Trump with fraud associated with inflating the value of his assets by over $2 billion for financial benefits.

Today, Trump's Lawyer Jesus Suarez will continue his cross-examination on Trump's accountant (Image from CNBC)

Yesterday, Donald Bender, the accountant for the Trump Organization, testified that his job was only to compile information sent to him by the company and that he only occasionally reviewed loan agreements and performed audits on the companies work.

He also testified that he did not see errors on the Trump Organization data that would misstate the square footage of Trump's triplex apartment in Trump Tower.

Today, Trump's Lawyer, Jesus Suarez, will continue his cross-examination on Trump's accountant.

Suarez is claiming that because of Bender's errors, he is putting Trump and his family, "through hell" because Bender didn't catch the mistakes that occurred years ago.

Bender responded by stating the Trumps are in this litigation, "because they misrepresented the numbers on the data, not because of his mistakes."

Suarez continues to grill Bender on the stand today as we speak, claiming that Bender should have guided Trump better.

As the trial unfolds, News Central will keep you up to date.


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