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Trip to the Vault (The Little Mermaid 1989)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Rating: A


It's been about five years since I've seen this movie. It just so happens that I played Ariel in our 8th-grade musical! I miss those days when singing and dancing was your main job, afterschool. When the first scene came up, I got so excited that I could feel the dopamine levels in my body shoot up. There were moments I sang/spoke along without even knowing. Since I was by myself, it felt kind of weird not having an audience to sing for. I enjoy this movie so much because it has the best characters and music that it’ll boost any mood almost immediately.


Ariel is a great example of a teenager in love. Nothing is too great of a task to get to the person you have a crush on. (It's been so long since I've used the term "crush" oh my…) She even does the "he loves me; he loves me not" thing with a flower she finds. I envy her curiosity, though. The number of things she's collected overtime Is amazing. Somehow, she organized it all until her father ruined everything with his power. If the organization skills weren't there, I'd say she's a bit of a hoarder. She’s also ripped as hell because somehow, she was able to carry-incredibly muscular- PRINCE ERIC out of the ocean when he fell in after the ship caught on fire.

Prince Eric and Max

Prince Eric was my cartoon hottie as a kid. He's just an overall attractive man and has such a kind heart. I wish they gave him a song or two, though, because that would make his attractiveness boost by 200,000%. Without even needing to hear the dog's name, I knew it was Max. He's my favorite character in this whole movie. Not just because I LOVE dogs but because he has a sixth sense for who's genuine and who's fake. Dogs can spot an imposter from miles away and are extremely loyal/energetic, which is why I adore them to bits.

King Triton and Sebastian

I would much rather have Sebastian as a dad than King Triton. Ariel's father is ruthless when it comes to his rules. Not only does he forbid her from going to the surface, but when she does, he ruins her entire life's worth of collectibles. He had no mercy, and I hated him for a bit afterward. If that happened to ME, I’d want to go to the sea witch and break all the rules too, so I don’t blame her. Sebastian would be the best dad. When you disobey him, he'd probably be like, "it's okay sweetie just do better next time."

Closing thoughts

Overall this movie was extremely well done for being made in the late 1980s, and I appreciate how they incorporate mostly underwater settings. It makes you feel like you're in "A whole new world" (I'm sorry I just watched and reviewed Aladdin last week. It's still fresh in the noggin). There wasn’t an excessive amount of music, which is nice because when a movie has too many song breaks, it's hard to focus on the storyline. This movie will always be dear to my heart and will show it to my kids one day. If they don’t like it, they’re officially crazy.

Hi everyone! The writer of this blog is Cyan Fuehr. She is currently a freshman at CWU who is planning on majoring in Business administration/marketing and minoring in nutrition + entrepreneurship. Cyan has a huge passion for music, nature, volleyball, working out, and dogs. We hope you have a wonderful day! :)

-5/4/2020- (May the 4th be with you).

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