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Miller's Mix: Willow Smith

Today for Miller’s Mix, we will be diving into the wonderful, trippy world of the female energy that is Willow Smith. Her and her also musically inclined brother Jaden have been on the scene for quite some time now, with “Whip My Hair” getting traction in 2010. 10 years later she’s still dropping bangers, yet her style has changed quite dramatically. The 19-year-old Scorpio brings anyone who listens to her music on a spiritual journey to say, bringing her high up on the ranks in my mix. 

A Halloween baby, Willow is no stranger to fame with her well-known parents, Jada and Will. Her social media following can count on posts about loving yourself and nature, and all around gives good vibes to all. From EP’s to albums, her music in my opinion stays a bit under the radar for the quality that it is. Her first album, “Ardipithecus”, referencing the first hominid bones found on earth, spawns her biggest hit “Wait a Minute”, and another banger, “Marceline”, which were some of the first tracks I listened to by her. Of course, the rest of the album, in an alternative style, never ceases to amaze me and is a must-have for any vibe. 

I had the honor of seeing Willow perform on her self-titled tour back in 2019, and let me tell you it was nothing but top tier performance art. I can honestly say she seems not from this earth, a urethral being one could say. Of the album she was touring with, “Time Machine” and “Female Energy, Pt. 2” are must-haves on anyone’s playlist and are a good introduction if you have yet to explore her music. This year she released a collab album with her boyfriend Tyler Cole, who also opened for her on her Willow tour. 

This alternative queen never ceases to amaze me with her down to earth feel and goosebump giving vocals. A pure soul, she emulates tranquility and passion through her music and her releases are always unique, giving those who listen a truly special experience every time. If you’re looking for an artist to transport you to a new dimension, I highly recommend streaming Willow Smith on the daily, and see what we’re about on Miller’s Mix. 

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