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Rating: A


This movie is SUCH a classic man… everyone in the entire world must know what this movie is by now. If not, you don’t know Disney. The famous story about a fetus lion coming of age and having to figure out what being responsible is like. This movie can never get boring no matter how many times I watch it. The music is fantastic, the storyline is great (despite Mufasa #RIP), and the characters all flow well together. Not to mention Nala and Simba are ADORABLE together. I ship them so hard they could be delivered across the world in 2 hours. This movie has a good balance of dialogue and music. It's not too much music that they're singing in every scene but enough to where you start to miss the music after a while. I haven't seen the CGI version of this movie but I don't want to because I have a feeling it'll mess up my emotional connection to the original lion king. It might make me love the original even more, who knows! I've learned from experience that the live-action versions of classic Disney movies don't do enough justice, so I'll stick with the cartoons, thanks, though.

Character(s) If Scar isn’t your least favorite character, there's something wrong with you. Right from the get-go he tortures a cute little mouse. I was internally screaming for that poor thing cause it was squirming for their life. He also murdered his brother, and NO ONE forgives him for doing that 150% guaranteed. The only reason I’m okay with Scar is because of his hyena sidekicks because they’re funny (they're animals that laugh for heaven sake). On the other hand, Pumbaa and Timon are the most iconic duo in Disney movies. In any situation, they deliver the most energy and positivity for the audience, and I'm here for it. If I had to choose one out of the dynamic duo, it would be Pumbaa. Timon is a bit self-centered (actually a lot self centered) and takes everyone's spotlight away from them so it can shine on him. Pumbaa is selfless and low key super-intelligent, but no one gives him enough credit for being sweet and amazing.  

Fun Facts

  1. This movie was originally going to be called "King of the Jungle". That would've been kinda cool not gonna lie.

  2. The wildebeest scene took 3 years to put together. They must be pretty dang special!! 

  3. When Mufasa is talking to Simba, the Leo constellation is in the night sky. I'm talking to you horoscope fanatics!!

  4. Pumbaa is the first Disney character to have farted on screen. That’s one way to make the kids laugh hehe. 

  5. In the early creations of the story they described the plot as “Bambi in Africa” meets “Hamlet”.

Take Away

My favorite part of the movie is when Simba grows up and learns a bunch about life with Pumbaa, Timon, and sometimes Nala (she’s just there so they can have babies and learn to be parents/royalty). Basically, the entire second half was my favorite! I despise the beginning because I’m still reminded of all the bad things Scar does to everyone. I'm glad he got the karma he deserved, though. The two takeaways I got from this movie is never to forget where you come from. Family background/history is super important while growing up. Knowing where you belong and being aware of your heritage helps bring a sense of identity. Family is everything, and that's a typical Disney message among their productions. Another takeaway is not to dwell on the past. If you think about it, the past doesn't exist once it's gone, it's only a memory your brain holds. You can only change and control the future and the present; the past is like a magician’s bunny, disappearing is inevitable. Forgive and forget as I like to say! 

Hi everyone! The writer of this blog is Cyan Fuehr. She is currently a freshman at CWU who’s planning on majoring in Business administration/marketing and minoring in nutrition + entrepreneurship. Cyan has a huge passion for music, nature, volleyball, working out, and dogs. We hope you have a wonderful day! :)


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