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Updated: May 20, 2020

Rating: B


I think it’s been more than ten years since I've seen this movie. I'm pretty sure I was five years old when I first watched this movie. I didn’t know it wouldn’t be my last! I realize now that this movie is super duper familiar to “Ella Enchanted”. A girl gets cursed as a baby and has to deal with it until she finds a lover who can undo the entire spell of hell. On a side note, this was MADE IN 1959?!?! Dang, this movie is old, how was I able to see it 50 years later?? That’s a long time! I forgot how weird the animation was. As a kid, you don’t really realize the quality of a movie because all you care about is the story and the fancy outfits. Not to mention the fairies and their magical powers. It would be SO cool to go bippity boppity BOOYAH. You can clean your entire house in an instant!! God, I wish I could do that it would save so much time…


I’m not very fond of King Hubert (Phillip’s dad). He’s the old alcoholic “windbag” who only cares about himself. He doesn’t even acknowledge that Aurora isn’t even home yet and is planning the wedding. I don’t think he realizes that there was a curse that made the King worry for a continuous span of 16 years. How selfish!! Merryweather is my favorite character. She’s sassy af and doesn’t give a crap about what others think. I would do the same thing she does and only use magic for the rest of my life too. Anyone can relate to her because she's realistic and does things an easy and efficient way. Her little fairy butt wiggle is the cutest thing ever she looks like a little puppy when she gets mad! 

Fun Facts

  1. The producers thought this movie was such a failure, it took them 30 years to make another princess movie. Guess which one?? The little mermaid!! 

  2. Audrey Hepburn inspired aurora's body shape

  3. This movie took six years to put together.

  4. Disney's magical castle was going to be Snow White's.

Take Away

My favorite part is when my sleeping beauty's animal friends take Prince Phillip’s clothes and dress the owl as he is. The whole time I was thinking, “the dude must’ve laughed so hard when he saw her dancing with an owl all romantic and everything”. The moral of the story is how love has a strong power, unlike anything else. Watching this alone was so painful because I want to have the romance I see on the screen. Having a boyfriend makes it even worse because all I want is to cuddle and be like, "yeah that's right, I have that". Love is greater than any spell someone is under, and nothing is impossible for the person you truly love.


Hi everyone! The writer of this blog is Cyan Fuehr. She is currently a freshman at CWU who’s planning on majoring in Business administration/marketing and minoring in nutrition + entrepreneurship. Cyan has a huge passion for music, nature, volleyball, working out, and dogs. We hope you have a wonderful day! :)


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