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Throwbacks On Netflix: Back To The Future

Some movies have a premise that can continue to be relevant and entertaining long after the time when the movie was made. Back To The Future is one of those movies. The concept of time travel is often used to showcase a drama or thriller, but Back To The Future uses it in a fun, heartwarming, and comedic way. This is the reason this movie continues to entertain to this day, but let's take a look at why this movie is still loved by many to this day.


Marty McFly is a high school student who is an assistant for Doc Brown, a seemingly crazy scientist obsessed with time. Because of his obsession and his brilliant mind, he ends up inventing a time machine that he installs inside of a Dolorian. Marty ends up traveling back from 1985 to 1955, the year his parents met in high school and became lovers. After he accidentally stops his parents from meeting, he then engages in a race against time to get his parents back to where they should be and get back to the future, and hilarity and adventure ensues.

Actors/Actresses and their Performances

Because it’s Back To The Future, we must talk about Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown. With regard to Fox, he plays a high school kid perfectly. The only possible problem would be that even at the time, he looks a little too old to be in high school. However, everyone else in high school seems a little too old, so it doesn't stick out very much. Other than that, his mannerisms and acting choices perfectly blend with his character and result in a lot of funny moments. His comedic timing is on point, and almost every joke is simultaneously hilarious and relatable. How would you react if you were suddenly transported back to your parents' time in high school? You would probably behave a little strange and make some references that would be unrecognizable or unfunny to the people around you. All in all, Fox has a timeless and classic performance as this bewildered teen trying to mend his mistakes, have some fun, and get back to his own time.

Of course, a discussion of this movie is incomplete without mentioning an extremely important character, Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown. Christopher Lloyd portrays a mad scientist who makes you unsure of what he will do next. Still, he also manages to make you sympathize and relate to a man who has spent his life pursuing something. Marty finds him in the past and informs him that his time traveling machine works, knows that he cannot satisfy his curiosity about the future without endangering it. Still, when Lloyd is present, he almost steals the show from Fox, but when the two of them are on screen together, they form a dynamic duo that can stand among other duos in cinema history halls.


For a movie made in the 80s, this film was ahead of its time. The special effects are only present in a couple of scenes, and when they are, it is extremely tasteful and only serve to enhance the plot. The shots of the Dolorian are well done and serve to enhance the feeling that the car is special and truly a time-traveling vehicle. The rest of the movie is extremely well shot. The scene changes are great and the scenery is fantastic.

The dialogue is also just superb. It doesn’t try to be deep and enlightening. The movie knows that it is a comedy and a feel-good movie, and the dialogue reflects it. The jokes are witty and quick, but there are also enough emotional moments that send the message home: love finds away. While some slightly more dated references are not hard to explain or understand, the majority of the movie refers to some things that younger audiences today might find difficult to understand. However, dialogue is the most important things in a comedy, and this film nails it.

Finally, there is one thing about this movie that must be discussed above all else: the opening. This opening might be the single best opening of a movie made in the 80s ever. The scenes of Marty skateboarding to school, being late, auditioning for the talent show, talking to his girlfriend, and then skateboarding home all give us a great introduction to not only to Marty as a character but also to the town where the film takes place. The shots of the scenery in town also gives us clues and foreshadow some of the people that Marty will meet and unintentionally influence along the way. This is set to the musical backdrop of Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love, which is just the perfect song for this movie and especially this scene. The wrong song would destroy this opening, but the filmmakers must have known this, so they likely selected the only song that would do the job. The music, dialogue, sets, characters, and scenery all come together to let you know when this movie takes place, the scenery that you will remember, and everything you need and want to know about Marty McFly. There could be other things said about the fact that this opening is so emblematic of the 1980s that it was another play on the whole “time” idea, but that might be a stretch. Simply said, this opening is awesome.


There isn't much that is wrong with this movie. The only thing that brings it down a little bit is that the attempts to make certain characters look older than the actors are is extremely obvious, and for some people, these attempts could be a bit off-putting. While they do get better, later on, there are a couple of characters for whom it doesn't improve, resulting in a lost point. However, that is the only thing that takes this movie down. Everything else works.

Final Thoughts

This movie is one of the most fun and lovable movies ever made. It has a heart-warming story and great comedy that will make you laugh every time you watch it. That is what it sets out to do, and it accomplishes it. It is on Netflix, so what are you waiting for? This movie is definitely worth the watch, especially for a family movie night or a date night with your significant other. Set a date, pick a time, and take a trip Back To The Future.

Final Rating: 8/10

1: Unacceptable

2: Awful

3: Painfully Below Average

4: Below Average

5: Average

6: Above Average

7: Strong

8: Standout

9: Incredible

10: Perfect

Ryan O’Connor is a fifth-year senior studying physics at CWU. He is an avid gamer and nerd and loves to share and hear opinions about anything related to these things. He is also the DJ on Electropolis known as LYNX.

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