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Synagogue President Stabbed in Detroit

By Lilyan Beck


On Saturday morning, a woman was found fatally stabbed outside of her home in Detroit.

This woman's name is Samantha Woll and she is a synagogue president.

Police were able to find Woll after receiving a 911 call about an unresponsive person laying in front of a house.

(Image from Wix)

The cause for this stabbing is currently unknown but multiple investigators have said that there is no evidence of forced entry or any defense wounds.

Detroit Police Chief James E. White said, "DPD investigators are working with the FBI to forensically analyze all of the information obtained up to this point in an effort to ascertain the timeline that ultimately led to Ms. Woll’s death. Individuals with information that may further this investigation are being interviewed."

White also went on to say that there is currently no evidence that suggests this was an act of antisemitism.


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