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Student Dies after Drinking Panera Lemonade

By Callie Wyckoff


A Student's family is suing Panera Bread after their daughter died allegedly from drinking their charged lemonade.

Sarah Katz was a student at the University of Pennsylvania and died September 2022.

Katz had a heart condition called QT syndrome and had been avoiding energy drinks based on her doctors recommendation.

(image from Unsplash)

When Katz ordered the Charged lemonade she had no clue that the drink has more caffeine than a Red Bull and a Monster combined. It also has the equivalent of almost 20 teaspoons of sugar. Making the grand total of this drink 390 milligrams of caffeine.

In store, Panera had advertised the lemonade as, "offered side by side with all of Panera's non-caffeinated or less caffeinated drinks."

A few hours after drinking this lemonade, Katz went into cardiac arrest in her dorm room where her roommate found her.

Her family filed a lawsuit on Monday, and as of Wednesday the FDA is investigating the case.


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