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State of Emergency in Kentucky

By Natalie Clemente


A State of Emergency was declared in Kentucky this morning after an old building collapsed, trapping 2 men inside.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear made the declaration at 6:25 am Eastern Time.

The collapsed building was part of an old coal preparation plant in Martin County Kentucky. According to sources, the men were inside the building preparing it for demolition when it suddenly caved in.

(Image from Unsplash)

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk told local news reporters that he suspected the building was being taken down in sections, but it may not have fallen in the way it was projected, which is how the victims became trapped underneath.

He went on to say that the victims were most likely on the first floor when the 10 story building collapsed. Only one of the men has been located at this time, and search teams continue to search for the second man.

Kirk emphasized that the scale of the collapsed building is making it dangerous for rescuers stating, "This is a lot of weight. A lot of large metal structures, a lot of concrete, and very confined spaces... It's a very slow process in order to try to keep everybody safe."

County officials are expected to provide updates at a news conference later today.


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