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SPORTS 12/14

-By Lilyan Beck-


CWU Sports

Well wildcats, when it comes to sports here in Ellensburg it has been rather full of cricket noises.

(Image from Unsplash)

However, we do have multiple events happening this weekend as well as next Tuesday.

Starting with Saturday, the Woman's basketball team will take on Linfield here at home starting at 2:00.

On Sunday, Men's basketball will take their turn in Nicholson Pavilion as they go head to head with Cal State San Marcos at 4PM.

As for Tuesday, both Men's and Woman's basketball will be playing here at home against Evergreen state. The Men's game will begin at 2:00 and the Women's at 4.

If you are not here in town but still want to watch these games, you can visist to watch live streams, or tune in to 881 The Burg for some play by play.


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