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Schmidty Cooking: Quarantine Mac and Cheese


-½ pound pasta shells

-½ pound rotini

-½ cup sharp white cheddar

-½ cup gouda

-½ cup pepper jack

-Bacon (around half a package)

- 2 cups milk





-Italian seasoning

-Parmesan cheese



  1. Grate the cheddar, gouda, and pepper jack cheeses

  2. Cook all the pasta to al dente (almost done), drain, set aside

  3. Melt butter over medium heat, add equal amount of flour

  4. Add 2 cups of milk when butter and flour form a thick paste, stir to combine

  5. Take mixture off of heat when it reaches a slow boil

  6. Add in cheeses one at a time, stirring to combine

  7. Combine cheese sauce and pasta into a 9x13 pan, lightly greased

  8. Cook bacon in a skillet until crispy, reserving the leftover fat

  9. Chop bacon into bacon bits

  10. Pour ¾ cup of breadcrumbs into bacon fat, combining with italian seasoning, toast until golden brown

  11. Combine bacon into mac and cheese, top the whole pan with breadcrumbs, more italian seasoning, black pepper, and parmesan cheese

  12. Set broiler to high, and place pan in oven for 2-3 minutes, or until the parmesan has melted

  13. Enjoy!

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