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Rainbow Six Siege: Quick Match Guide

When it comes to player vs player, there are three game modes you can play online with your friends or random people the game matches you with. The first of which is called Quick Match, this formerly was called Casuals, but it was changed at the beginning of year 5 (2020). I still call it casuals and nobody on Siege cares if you call it either name. What this is, is a game mode where there is no pressure for losing your status. This game mode is best for beginners and for experienced players that do want to play against “try hards” or they want to just have a casual game without having to be locked in and stressed. Another way that I use casuals is to test out new operators that I have purchased. When you get a new operator, you will need to test out their weapons and see how much recoil it has and how to handle it, you also would test out their ability and what works and does not work. Unlike ranked and unranked game modes, quick match has three possible objectives, Bomb, Hostage, and Secure Area. Ranked and Unranked only have the bomb game mode in the playlist, so quick match has some diversity. Bomb is a classic game mode that many can compare to Search and Destroy from Call of Duty, one team is trying to plant a defuser at one of the two bomb rooms and the defenders are trying to prevent them from doing so. As always, eliminating the opposing team will automatically win your team the round unless the other team has planted the defuser, in that situation the defending team must disable the defuser before it goes off. Next is Hostage, this mode is when the attacking team is attempting to go inside the building, find the hostage that the other team is defending and extract the hostage to an outside location. This does not happen too often because when you grab the hostage, the defending team is notified and can track you down. When you have the hostage, you can only use your secondary weapon, so this makes it harder to defend yourself. Also, watch your fire because you can kill the hostage which causes you to lose the round and overall points. Finally, there is the Secure Area game mode. This mode is all about defending one specific room. The way this mode works is the defending team is attempting to protect the “Biohazard Container” and the attacking team is trying to secure that objective. The way this works is the attacking team is trying to be in that room long enough to secure the area, but it can only be secured if there are no defenders in the room. If there is a defender in the room, it will say the room is “Contested” and you will have to eliminate the opponents before you can secure. In Quick Match, each round lasts 3:30 and you only need to win 3 rounds to win the whole match. Depending on which side you start on (Attack or Defense), you will play two rounds of that side then switch to the other for round 3 and so on. There is no banning of operators in this game mode and there is no penalty for quitting early. You can still get banned from this game mode but only if you kill a teammate after already having reverse friendly fire on. If you do get banned for this, it will be for 30 minutes in which you will not be able to play any online game mode for its duration. This is the game mode where you and your friends can mess around and have fun, or use it as a warm up match if you are preparing to play the Ranked game mode.

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