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Preparation for New Orleans Drinking Water Emergency

By Callie Wyckoff


New Orleans is preparing for a water emergency in response to the low water levels of the Mississippi River.

On Friday, Mayor LaToya Cantrell signed an emergency declaration due to concerns that salt water may creep upriver and affect the safe drinking water. It is estimated that nearly 1 million people in the New Orleans area could be affected if the water levels remain this low.

Low water levels on the Mississippi river cases a possible water emergency (Not image of actual events (Image from Wix))

Just south of New Orleans, about 2,000 residents have already been relying on bottled water since this summer after salt water crept into the areas' water system.

It is estimated that these affects will be felt greatest in mid to late October.

In a normal year, the Mississippi River is strong enough to combat the salt water that tries to enter, but since this year is one of their lowest levels in recent decades it is unlikely that the river will be able to filter out the salt water.

When asked to comment the Louisiana Governor said, "we are trying our best to delay the onset of this saltwater wedge moving further north and hopefully bid time until mother nature intervenes."


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