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Plane Crash in Japan

-By Ryan Gildersleeve-


A plane crash this morning at the Haneda airport in Japan took the lives of 5 in a miraculous event which saw 380 passengers live through the wreckage.

The crash took place this morning, and caused quite a stir up amongst those affected, with many sharing stories on how the departure took place, including a passenger from the flight who stated, “I felt a boom like we had hit something and jerked upward the moment we landed. I saw sparks outside the window and the cabin filled with gas and smoke.”

(Image from Unsplash)

The passenger plane collided with a plane in service with the Coast Guard, which saw 5 of the 6 coast guard members onboard lose their lives, while all 379 members of the commercial flight on the other end of the wreck survived, deploying emergency slides and narrowly escaping disaster.

The Tokyo FD stated that at least 17 members of the wreck were injured, but nobody is in critical condition at this time.

Not much else is known regarding this situation, but if and when more information becomes available, we’ll keep you updated here on news central.


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