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New Defense Policy in U.S.

-By Lilyan Beck-


Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed a defense policy that would bring a huge pay raise for the troops.

(Image from Unsplash)

This bill has been in the works for months but was finally passed with a vote of 87 - 13 which means the bill will now go to the House.

This bill will provide a 5.2% pay raise for troops. This is the largest increase in more than two decades.

Not only that, but this bill also authorizes $886 billion for national defense programs, as well as a short-term extension of a surveillance program which is aimed to prevent terrorism.

The White House has called for a swift passage of this bill saying, "This bill provides the critical authorities we need to build the military required to deter future conflicts while supporting the service members and their spouses and families who carry out that mission every day."

News Central will keep you up to date once more information regarding this bill surfaces.


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