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Netflix top 10 review: Too Hot to Handle (also my nickname)

By Will Ortner blogger extraordinaire

As your resident Bachelor expert, I knew that the people needed, nay desired my unfiltered opinion on all reality dating shows. Thankfully for you, last week Too Hot to Handle entered the Netflix top ten watched shows. How did I find this show, you ask? I saw these beautiful humans on the cover.

I know what you’re thinking… he must work out.

Now for my seasoned members of the BCU (Bachelor Cinematic Universe thanks Barstool), this show is a bit different than typical dating shows. The idea for this show is to get those dang kids to stop being superficial and rushing into physical encounters (The adults reading this know what I mean by this… bow chicka wow wow ;). The show wants the contestants to learn how to connect with others and build lasting relationships. EEWWW what nerds. If they do not do the hokey pokey or any other form of physical attraction, they win a prize. Whatever could go wrong.

If you would not like any spoilers… then you shouldn’t have read the bio of the show because exactly what you expect will happen happens. The hotties with beautiful bodies struggle to get in touch with themselves and build a real relationship with another person. The Hots go through many different challenges and workshops to finally find the true love that has led them to be so shallow. Shockingly, it’s their inner self.

Now I am a bachelor fan through and through, but I think that Too Hot to Handle might be my new favorite show. Normally, I watch reality TV shows to feel better about myself. When it comes to Too Hot to Handle, this show takes it to a whole different level. Why? Because these people are dumb.

Now reality TV shows are not known for attracting the sharpest tools in the shed. But, this show takes it to a whole new level. Example A: many of the castmates come from all over the globe. One contestant mused, "Australia, I wonder where that is.” Who doesn’t know where one of our FREAKING continents are. For those of you who don’t know, like this poor contestant, Australia is the continent on the bottom right of your map.

Example B: Multiple contestants decided to say that the rules were stupid and cost their friends lots of money. How did they do this, you ask? Well, they ****. Then they **** and *** *** others. Sorry, my bosses made me bleep out the words I typed (look they boom boom powed each other :). Yet, after they did these things and cost themselves money, they were happy and did not care. Somehow I don’t think they quite learned the reason why they were on the island in the first place.

I give this show a 545 out of 780 stars. It had a fun twist on a genre that most people enjoy. The show did have a major flaw though, the main point was to change the young single with cash, and it did not work at all. Shocking, I know.

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