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Netflix Movie Review: The Best Hangover movie review ever, and if you don't like it well, then stfu.

Updated: May 21, 2020

By Will Ortner (Blogger Extraordinaire)

Welcome to one part of my blog series, where I will be reviewing movies on Netflix and TV shows that are currently in the Netflix top 10 most-watched. Why did I choose to use Netflix? Because I started my Hulu subscription after we were assigned our jobs.

Back when this movie came out in 2009, we did not know that this movie would launch the careers of the four main cast members into celeb status in the 2010s. At this point, Bradley Cooper was known for being a you-know-what head in Wedding Crashers (by the way Coops, good choice on growing out the hair. Women, and some men, thank you). Ed Helms had just been added to The Office to sing every line he said… in every episode, he appeared in. Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong were nobodies at this point and probably owe director Todd Phillips a few beverages.

If you would not like the movie spoiled, you should have watched it at one point over the past 11 years. The three main guys and some guy named Doug, who only appears for 15 minutes of screen time in his freaking movie, drive into Vegas. From there, something happens to them that I cannot talk about, or my boss's bosses might attack me again. They should have listened to Nancy Reagan and just said no. Of course, they then do not remember what happened the night before and how they ended up with a Tiger in their bathroom.

Hilarity and Hijinks ensue as the guys "ride the lightning" (not a drug reference even though it sounds like one). They meet Stu's hooker female escort wife. Side note, that character was supposed to be played by Lindsay Lohan, who no offense, would have been perfect for the role. Jeong makes his first appearance in the movie naked, and Galifianakis tries to talk him down from attacking him with their mutual hatred of Godzilla, despite the fact that he is Korean. The guys, of course, learn that the Tiger in the bathroom is Mike Tyson's Tiger, which sounds like it was sold to him by Joe Exotic, the Tiger King. Tyson forces them to return the Tiger but, there is no sign of Doug. Will they find Doug in time for his wedding? Yes, of course, they do it's a movie, and it has to have a happy ending.

After watching the movie for the first time in years, I would say that for the most part, it still holds up. I liked the chemistry the group had, and each character starred in their own way. While I did laugh, a few of the jokes missed the mark. I will give this film 421 out of 561 stars.

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