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Netflix Anime Review: Death Note

If you're looking for a classic anime with ample watch time and a long-standing fan base, Death Note is for you. I remember this was the first anime I ever watched, in grade 8. I probably had no business watching this rather dark show. Still, none the less with it being easily accessible on the internet, it matched my Hot Topic aesthetic perfectly, and I was hooked. With 37 episodes, you get taken on an exciting journey mashing the fantasy world of the Shinigami and Tokyo in a pretty intense story of playing god.

Based off of the manga released in 2003, Madhouse studio does an excellent job bringing the pages to life on screen. Our main character, Light Yagami find a mysterious black book on the ground one day with the words "Death Note" on it. And shortly after is greeted by the Shinigami owner, Ryuk. He is amused that without any help, Light has already started using the note for killing. Taking justice into his own hands, he decides to systematically target criminals that law enforcement has not been able to catch on their own. This starts his path on a road of deception and darkness. Lying to his father, the head of the police force, and masquerading as a typical super-smart student around those who suspect him. Shinigami are only visible to those who have touched the Death Note, so his powers are mysterious to everyone else who sees a boy taking notes, making this show unique and capturing.

My favorite character in the show comes in later, and her name is Misa Amane. A beautiful model and actress, her fame makes her an unlikely candidate to hold a Death Note, yet she and her Shinigami, Ren, are even more dangerous than Light and Ryuk. Giving up half her life span to do so, Misa has the power to kill with only seeing the face of whom she targets, as opposed to Light, who needs to know the real name as well. She is certified crazy, both in the head and for Light, and is the goth girlfriend we all either want or aspire to be. Their complex relationship is much different than your average love story and results in a lot more depth than your average couple.

If this has not already convinced you to watch Death Note, I recommend you try it out anyways. It has an excellent dub, which is always nice in the event that you don't want to read subtitles for hours on end, and again with 37 episodes, it's binge-worthy and something you can watch at a reasonable pace. After writing people I didn't like names in my DIY Death Note in middle school and still coming back to watch it all the way through yet again recently, I can attest that this anime is timeless and a must-watch for any anime fan.

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