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Netflix Anime Review: Beastars

I know what you’re thinking. Furries. But no, in fact, this anime while about animals and portraying animals as humanoid creatures is not in fact the furry at all. Beastars is a one-season anime on Netflix that follows a bunny, Haru, and a wolf, Legoshi, on their journey through high school and the struggles that come with being a theatre kid carnivore and a garden-loving herbivore. 

The show was originally a manga from 2016 by Paru Itagaki. But in 2020 it was added to Netflix as an anime series. Taking place at Cherryton Academy, there is a dynamic between all different varieties of animals of carnivores and herbivores. The meat-eaters though are strictly forbidden to eat animals and their cafeteria is full of vegetarian and vegan options. From giraffes to mice, the animals coexist together in this academy. Though, after the murder of an alpaca, tension arises between the two classes. At the same time though, the tension eases between two unlikely friends, Haru and Legoshi, and feelings start to be felt amidst the thick air. You would think that it would be inconceivable for a carnivore and herbivore to become that close, but when animals act like humans, anything is possible. 

I personally didn’t want to watch this anime in the first place, but my best friend convinced me, and I’d have to say I got pretty hooked. It has a good plot line and is more relatable than you’d think, even with the characters being animals. The theatre department has a lot to do with the show, so if you were involved with your own high schools, you may find it intriguing. I would recommend the sub over dub, as they are better in most cases, yet the dub in Beastars did not impress me whatsoever. I like that it has surprises in it and goes places you wouldn’t expect such a seemingly innocent anime to go. And it has nice overtones of actual conflicts that take place in real life high schools. 

Overall, Beastars is an unexpected gem, yet not for everyone. You do have to get past the fact that there are sexualized animals in it, but if you can I found the plot quite enjoyable. The animation is spot-on, brought to us by studio Orange. And honestly left me wanting a second season. So, if you’re looking for a short anime that’s unique, I recommend checking out Beastars on Netflix right away. 

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