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Murder Hornet Invasion

From bad to worse, devastation has entered the state of Washington. Well, what does that mean? The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused incredible repercussions felt all over this nation. There however is another invader into the state of Washington, murder hornets. This devastator is known to wreak havoc, on life of all shapes and sizes. Their scientific name is known as Vespa mandarinia, which more commonly known in society at the present is the Asian hornet. This menacing matchbox sized insect is an instigator for terror wherever it ventures. These vessels inflict tensions and chaos to bees to humans. These hornets find their home in the comforts of Asia, primarily in Japan and in Korea.

The hornets are known for their devastating attacks on the honeybee population. Their tactics are those that can be traced into a time of chariots and wagons. It all begins with the scout. The scout murder hornet is the representative for a tribe of these murderers. The scout finds a honeybee hive and begins to mark its place with a filament. The filament is used to tell hornets of the scout’s tribe where honeybees are. The scout then, returns to its hive and foretells the story to its friends. The attack force takes off, setting its sights on the honeybee hive. On arrival, these hornets go to work, mercilessly decapitating hundreds of honeybees in a minute. The bees do not stand a chance. The murder hornets proceed to murder every honeybee in its way, until they reach the larvae. The honeybee larvae provide the murder hornets food sufficient for a couple weeks. This also can be detrimental for the honeybee population; honeybees are no match for the devastating slicing cut of the murder hornet’s mandible. In retrospect, the honeybee population, especially, is a concern. Honeybees are one of the main contributors towards plantation in the world. The invasion of these murder hornets can bring these bees in jeopardy. Although bees would be directly affected by the impact of these murder hornets, humans are not alone. The Asian hornets have a sting that can be described as a hot nail being driven into your flesh. The sting can cause plenty of devastating side effects, one of which can include death. Fatal cases are typically a factor when the individual has an allergy to stings from similar insects. The death rate hovers around fifty people a year in Asia. The ultimate cause for concern in the United States considering the population of individuals around these murder hornets in Asia, has no need to be heightened. The murder hornets are not invincible.

One of the popular traps used by natives in Asia, is a glue trap. The trap tends to be of the nature of a sheet of paper. The paper tends to be set up near a beehive, a feasting ground for the giants. Once an invading entourage invades, one small step onto the paper is a death sentence. The strength of the paper is enough to keep the helpless murderer glued until they helplessly die trapped to a sheet of paper. In Asia, a tradition if the hornets are caught, is to feast on the entire colony. The hornets although edible, can run a risk when eaten with its devastating stinger. The larvae however taste the best among a colony, and the queen tends to be the tastiest. Would a murder hornet be a food of choice over a cheeseburger, absolutely not, but even so the hornets are far from invincible.

Will the hornets take over the state? The country? No. The most fearful factor that is to be said about these bugs are two components: intimidating size, and a devastating sting. The size is approximately five times the size of the common honeybee. These next few days will be true turning point in this state on the future of these hornets in the United States. Can Washington’s efforts prove to be enough? The pivotal variable is these hornets tend to grow in population during the spring season. If successful, murder hornets will be gone from the states for now. If not, this state may see a domination of yellow murderers.

The main concern of the infiltration of murder hornets can be terrifying, but considering the Asian population overseas even still thrives on its own, confidence can rest assured daily life will not have an overall impact. The hornets have had a few reported sightings, even still the danger is not imminent. The hornets though known for its impact, tend to have a resolving and inferior presence.

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