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Mass Shooting in Lewiston

By Ryan Gildersleeve


Police have Identified 40 year old Robert Card as the main person of interest following a shooting Wednesday night that left 22 people dead and more than 30 injured.

(Image from Wix)

Card, of Bowdoin, Maine, is a firearms instructor and former military man who still serves as apart of the army reserve, and stationed out of Saco, Maine.

Local law enforcement is heavily suggesting it may be him, following his admission to “hearing voices” and his threatening to shoot up a National Guard Base in Maine.

Above these indicators, Card also willing committed himself to a mental health facility for two weeks over the summer. In a statement released Wednesday night, the Boston wing of the FBI stated, “The FBI Boston Division continues to coordinate with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners in Maine, and we stand ready to assist with any available resources they need, including evidence response, investigative and tactical support, as well as victim assistance. We continue to urge the public to remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious activity and/or individuals to law enforcement immediately.”

Card is considered armed and dangerous, and as he’s yet to be arrested. We’ll update you once new information is released.


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