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Leaked Notes for COP28 Climate Summit

-By Ryan Gildersleeve-


One of the world's largest climate summits, Cop28, makes the headlines this morning after it was recently reported that the hosts of the event, The United Arab Emirates planned on using it as a marketing event of sorts to push oil deals.

(Image from Unsplash)

Cop28 was and is scheduled to begin on Thursday, and will include climate discussions from 27 countries scattered all about the EU to the middle east, making it the perfect opportunity in the eyes of Sultan Al Jabeer, who’s not only the climate envoy to the UAE, but also chief executive at Adnoc, a large national oil company.

The UN climate secretariat has released a statement regarding the event, stating the presidents are, “expected to act without bias, prejudice, favoritism, caprice, self-interest, preference or deference, strictly based on sound, independent and fair judgment.”

They would also add, “The authority of a COP president flows from rising above national interests and if countries come to a negotiation and believe the president who’s setting the agenda is actually pursuing narrow self-interest, then trust will quickly collapse.”

Many have chimed in to share their opinions of the matter, and with the event beginning Thursday, we shouldn’t have to wait long to see exactly what the UAE has planned.

As this story develops, we’ll keep you updated here on news central.


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