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Israel-Hamas Update

-By Natalie Clemente-


Three people were pronounced dead earlier this morning in Jerusalem after a military wing of Hamas opened fire at a bus stop.

(Image from Unsplash)

Hamas is taking credit for the attack that also injured seven people.

The incident occurred at about 7:40 am local time and according to the local police, two off-duty soldiers and a civilian returned fire in defense, which resulted in the death of the two attackers from Hamas.

Hamas later claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was a response to Israel's attack in Gaza along with the death of two children in Jenin from yesterday. They went on to warn Israel of attacks in, "every city, village, street and alley."

As a response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu restated his promise to, "eliminate Hamas."

This is the seventh consecutive day of truce between Israel and Hamas to allow for more aid to be sent to the affected areas in Gaza and allow the release of more hostages.

It is unclear at this time if the truce will be extended, but as more news is released, News Central will keep you up to date.


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